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Great communication and great service. Our laptop screen was repaired within two days. We will never go any where else for service work! Thanks again!
Reese Walden, 1/25/17, Wrens GA
Thanks from Queensland, Australia for your tech advice. I ended up replacing my HD to get rid of a very bad trojan and did not know how to turn Windows 8 back into Windows 10. Lightspeeds replied to my request for help on Windows 10 Facebook page, giving me the link I needed and a nudge in the right direction. Thanks guys – you’re great. All the best for 2017!
Ian Brock, 1/24/17, Queensland, Australia
My wife placed her I PAD on the kitchen counter, she removed a bowl from the cabinet and it slipped from her hand ,landing on the I PAD.DON looked at the damage, ordered the parts to repair and repaired the I PAD in 2 Days turn around. EXPERT REPAIR and Excellent Customer Service. I will not use a brick and mortor store again.
Milton Shelly, 1/18/17, Hephzibah, GA
Service was quick (couple days). He took the time to explain the problem he found and how he fixed it. Left me with some additional software to monitor performance of my computer. Laptop had been randomly shutting down when I would use it. He quickly diagnosed the which was an overheating problem, and also gave my laptop a much needed tune up. I have had my laptop back now for several weeks with no issues. Would recommend trying him out.
VUSANI NLEBGWA, 1/16/17, Grovetown, GA
The service was wonderful and quick! After taking my cracked iPad screen to the geek squad at Best Buy, and being quoted a ridiculous price of $500, I am so glad that I found lightspeeds repair! My iPad was fixed and returned the following day for only $95!
Amanda Deas, 12/28/16, Augusta, GA
I can’t say enough good things about the service we had. He was quick, fair on pricing, and did an awesome job! Would recommend him 1000 times over!
Jason Sand, January 10, 2014, Augusta GA
Lightspeeds PC repaired 2 iPads of mine that both had broken screens. Price was right, provided me a discount for both ipads, and the quality of repair on both was outstanding. Both iPads look brand new once again. Repairs on both were done by the next day. Thanks you!
Laura Harrison, 7/23/16, Grovetown GA
Contacted Lightspeeds PC about a custom desktop build. I use my computer mainly for office work, but I’m also a pc gamer. Have always purchased store bought computers in the past but they just have not done the job, and loaded with crap from manufacture. I provided him with a budget to see if he could build one for my needs. Don provided me with the hardware list and total price which was right at my budget, including his cost. Best damn computer I have ever owned. Built 8 months ago, fast as lightening and runs flawlessly with Windows 10. With no manufacture malware garbage either. Thank you, excellent work!
Steve Malone, 7/14/16, Appling GA
Cracked my laptop screen and called around for replacement estimate. Found only 3 places in town that repaired laptop screens. 2 places both quoted me over $200, and Lightspeeds PC Repair at $115. So Lightspeeds is where I went. Very happy with the screen replacement, service and most of all the more than reasonable price. Over $100 less than anywhere else! Highly recommend!
John Lundin, 7/6/16, Evans GA
Mistakenly took my laptop to Best Buy, they told me my Windows 10 software was corrupt and have to wipe it completely and reinstall the operating system at $150. Plus another $100 for backing up my data before doing so? Found & called Lightspeeds PC Repair from BB parking lot, and quickly went back in Best Buy to get my laptop back from them. Lightspeeds PC Repair was able to repair my laptop WITHOUT wiping it clean for $89 total. That’s $160 LESS than Best Buys $250 total repair estimate! Lightspeeds PC had it repaired completely by the next day. Thank you Lightspeeds PC!
Leslie Cooper, 6/18/16, Martinez GA
Lightspeeds pc repair did an excellent job in repairing my desktop computer. Was hesitant due to past experiences at other repair places. Computer is running better than the day I purchased brand new! Very courteous, professional and low prices on repairs. Nice knowing I have someone trustworthy to call on. Highly recommend to all!
Bill Keegan, 3/9/16, North Augusta SC
Wife dropped her Ipad and cracked the glass. Was going to try to fix myself but found Lightspeeds Computer Repair and compared to what parts, special tools, time and patience would cost the price was right. Top service and repair even corrected the dent from the drop. Cost was as quoted and ahead of the promised repair time. Wife is happy again and so am I. Recommend Lightspeeds Computer Repair to all great job!
J. Coats, January 3, 2014, Evans GA
Thanks for the repair on the laptop power connector.
Tom S, December 26, 2013, Augusta GA
thanks for the repair to my laptop. great job. having used you before new it would be.
Jathanknet Burditt, December 23, 2013, Evans GA
The quality of work and speed of the job done was excellent, If ever I need anything more done I will defiantly return to Lightspeeds Computer Repair of Evans GA as there were several things wrong with my laptop lets just say I about fried it and now it is running like new. Thank you so much and i look forward to your services in the future if ever needed or even just for a cleaning.
Ann, December 16, 2013, Dearing GA
Fast, friendly repair! iPad repair done in less than 24 hours and very professional. Would recommend to anyone! Thank you!
Susie Jensen, December 11, 2013
I had my iPad screen fixed at Lightspeeds Repair. The service was great, the owner was friendly, and he finished the work a day early! I would strongly recommend his services!!
Michele Sherman, December 6, 2013, Augusta GA
Don knows computers inside and out! He provides ‘quality’ computer repairs in a timely manner and is highly ethical and professional in business operations. I strongly recommend Lightspeed and Don.
Wally Dickerson, December 4, 2013, Evans GA
The iPad 2 I had repaired by Light speed PC repair has never worked better. The turn around on repairs from drop off to pick up was faster then expected and it took less then 2 days.
James Luca, December 3, 2013, Augusta GA
My iPad was fixed extremely quick and I was very satisfied with the outcome. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. He explained exactly what he did and why he did it in layman terms! Plus he had a military discount.
Beth M., November 13, 2013, Augusta GA
The laptop works better than when it was new, the service was fast, and the repair price was more than reasonable. I would recommend theis service for anyone with these or similar problems, and I will use them again in the future with no qualms about the results.
Ronald L. Drum, October 24, 2013, West Union, Illinois
The services provided by Lightspeeds PC Repair in repairing my IPad was wonderful. the service was professional, courteous, and prompt. My IPad had a severely cracked screen and the service and fees were excellent!!!
Dr. Bettina Kyler, September 26, 2013, Augusta GA
I thought i was going to have to buy a new computer. Mine is 7 or 8 years old and developing a mind of its own. I read reviews online and took a chance on this repair option. Good choice. He fixed the initial problem, cleaned up the system and the computer case/fan itself and didn’t assume that just any repair was OK until he spoke to me about it first. His terms were very clearly outlined before leaving my computer with him. In 3 days I had my computer back running great and now I cannot hear the fan winding up from the other side of the house. Good job, thank you so much. $120 very well spent.
Vicki McGill, September 24, 2013, Evans GA
Awesome service on my iPad 2 screen repair. Quality and speed of work and price were all excellent. I plan to use Lightspeeds to clean up and update my old laptop.
Eric Smith, July 31, 2013, Augusta GA
Last month I dropped my ipad 2 on my tile floor and the screen completely shattered. I immediately found Lightspeeds online and not only were his prices way cheaper but the owner was extremely friendly and helpful compared to the Apple store. My ipad was repaired and like new in a few days. I would highly recommend Lightspeeds and will return for future repairs.
Tori Bourdo, July 29, 2013, Evans, Georgia
My husband Bob & I had separate issues, he with his laptop & I with my iPad. Lightspeeds Computer Repair was phenomenal to work with for both. I had called all over Augusta to compare prices on my iPad repair. Not only was Lightspeeds less expensive, but the owner was really informative, accommodating, and super fast. Bob’s laptop got repaired quickly and at a decent price. Highly recommend Lightspeeds for your computer/iPad repairs.
Bob Rigg & Jane Coolidge, July 7, 2013, McCormick, SC
Our Experience With Lightspeeds Computer Repair Couldn’t Have Been Better. The Owner Was Friendly And Honest. He Was Very Knowledgeable. He Explained What He Was Going To Do And Did Everything He Said He Would Do. He Put us At Ease In A Very Stressful Situation. Fair price And Honesty. I Would Highly Recommend Lightspeeds To Anyone! (Btw We Had Our Ipad Screen Repaired)
Jan Bourdo, July 4, 2013, Evans GA
Another great job by Lightspeeds PC ! Carried my wife’s laptop by Lightspeed Computer Repair for system check . It had been real slow working and several other gliches . Lightspeeds PC checked out her laptop found several viruses and malware . Cleaned it up and tuned it up . Runs better than it did when it was new . Another 5 star rating from me !
Daryl Huff, June 10, 2013, Evans , GA
The power jack repair done on my laptop by Lightspeeds PC was flawless.
Jay Dunham, June 7, 2013, Georgia
My Acer Aspire laptop had a broken power connector on the inside, my laptop would not power up anymore. I took it to Computer One and I was immediately informed at counter – “that broken piece is part of the motherboard, and to get a new laptop for it is not repairable”, and they handed my laptop right back to me. Tried 4 T’s Computer, they told me they could fix it, they had it 3 WEEKS, and called me and told me “they could not find the right replacement part for it, they did not want to mess with it any further, and to pick my laptop up” – plus a diagnostics charge? Took it to Lightspeeds PC here late one afternoon, Lightspeeds called the next day – “power jack repair completed” – FIXED!!! Lightspeeds PC told me it was a cable type of power jack, the negative ground wire was broke off post on the jack. They resoldered both postive and negative wire posts to power jack, cleaned internal parts fan, thermal paste. All done in 24 hrs all for $95! (4 T’s quoted me $175!!) After 2 other places did not want to mess with it or could not repair it. Lightspeed also told me 4 T’s computer repair did not even open the laptop up for he could tell by the stock tape, seals and wiring was untouched from factory. Thanks Lightspeeds PC! Great honesty, work and service!!!!!
James Stanley, Jan 20, 2013 EGrovetown GA
Best and fastest service I ever had. I caught the FBI Virus and he removed it, and had it back to me later that same day. Then put a new anti-virus on my computer and tuned it up and it is running great.
Mark Mancina, Jan 6, 2013 Evans GA
Saying Lightspeeds PC Augusta Georgia is good in definitely an understatement. They are fast, affordable, and extremely knowledgeable. Honestly I don’t think there is anything he doesn’t know and he shares that knowledge with you. He figured out exactly what the problem was with my laptop just from what i told him over the phone and when i went to see him explained exactly what was wrong and what needed to be fixed. My power connector inside of my laptop was broken. Great quality repair work! He really went above and beyond with fixing my laptop and I really appreciate it. Thank you very much Don! You really saved me a lot of time and money!
Jasmine, Dec 7’2012, Augusta GA
My laptop that you repaired is functioning great and your customer service was outstanding.
Brittney Stewart, Dec 7’2012, Grovetown, GA
Good service and timely.
J King, Dec 7’2012, Augusta GA
I have an 4 year old HP laptop that had some unique power problems: with the battery / removal and power switch. After having no success in Aiken and as well with the Geek Squad who recommended I scrap the PC, I noticed Don;s ad, called him and decided to give him a try. He does what he advertises. He provided knowledgable, affordable laptop repair in a timely manner. In addition Don performed hardware diagnostics, validation of virus spyware, conducted advanced virus removal and optimization. This is provided as part of his basic service.Computer runs better than brand new off the shelf! I couldn’t be more pleased.
Wayne Lobosco, Dec 6’2012, Grovetown GA
My laptop kept running really hot and then would shut itself off. Had that same problem with my previous model. Took it to the media store we bought it from and the geek squad there charged us to inspect it only to tell us, not worth the repair. So we bought a new one. After now 1.5 years same problem with the new model. I was getting ready to buy yet another lap-top when a friend told me about Don. What a great tip! Right over the phone he diagnosed the problem correctly and had my computer up and running within a day!!! it works better now than before. Thanks so much!! only regret, I wish I hadn’t disposed my other lap-top and brought it to Don instead, would have 2 great working laptops now!!!
I cannot give enough praise to Lightspeeds Computer Repair. First, he offerred assistance through email (free) while I attempted to disassemble and clean my laptop myself. THEN he took the mess I had made of my poor pc and cleaned it and fixed it up in less than a day. Lastly he has has answered numerous emails since the repair about laptops and usage in general. This is the type of customer service and kindness that you don’t find anymore people! A good person who does a GREAT job at a ridiculously fair price (even with shipping!). Absolutely,100% would not let anyone else work on my pc. Thank you Don!!
Chris Mills, Sep 25’2012, South Carolina
It was hard to determine who I should take my laptop to when my computer would not power up. Thank God for honest people like Don. He took the time to explain in layman terms the problem my laptop was having. The charge for the repair was very reasonable. I will call Don if I need computer help in the future.
David Baynham, Jul 15’2012, Augusta GA
Lightspeeds PC repaired my laptop twice for different problems. I will not take my computer repairs anywhere else. You can depend on his word and he does it at a reasonable price. I also purchased a used laptop from Don. I told him I needed something for my 9 year old nephew and he had just what we needed. Thanks for all the great work Lightspeeds PC!!
Sack79, Jun 24’2012, Augusta GA
Lightspeeds PC has repaired two of my desktop computers. He was very honest and very knowledgable. I was very skittish because I have been burned by a large company that ruined one of my computers a while back. I took a chance on Don based on the internet reviews. I have been highly pleased and will never go to anyone else. He not only fixed my problems but put a free antivirus on my computers that does everything itself. I used to pay for that every year. I LOVE LIGHTSPEEDS COMPUTER WORK! You would be a fool to go anywhere else. These days the big companies hire young kids that dont know what they are doing. But Don can fix any problem you have. The best part is that i trust him and i can afford him.
Patricia T, Jun 3’2012, Evans GA
This repairman is a genius. I wish Doctors were like him. He knows the problem before he opens the computer up. He has repair 4 different computers for me and each time they worked better than when they were new. The main thing I like about him is he goes well beyond the call of duty. He does so many other things that he does not have to do to keep your computer running better. If you can beat his prices I would beware, otherwise you will not get the same quality repair Lightspeeds will give you. His repair prices are well below those of other computer repair companies. When you take your computer to him you can be assured of a good quality repair.
Moe Boom, May 26’2012, Augusta GA
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