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Hitman Pro – Multi Vendor Second Opinion Malware Scanner

Hitman Pro

Hitman Pro

Hitman Pro is a quick 5 minute second opinion malware scanner that uses the internet “cloud” to scan your pc. Free 30 day trial. And is great for computer repair techs to run a quick scan on system with.

– Computer users can use the Free Scan of Hitman Pro as a quick check (less than 5 minutes) to ensure that the existing anti virus program has not missed a threat.

– Help Desk and Support organizations can use the Free Scan of Hitman Pro as a quick check for viruses and other malware. It can be run from USB or CD/DVD. No installation is required.
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PC Virus Malware Removal Service – Evans Augusta GA

Lightspeeds Computer Repair Augusta Georgia

Main Website: www.PcRepairAugustaGa.com

Offers the best price & computer service on virus, spyware, malware removal, repair AND prevention in Augusta Georgia! Specializing in virus removal repair & computer performance optimization. Utilizing multiple virus malware detection programs to ensure your computer is clean & free of all threats. Customer Reviews & Testimonials
Located In Evans Augusta GA

PC Virus Malware Removal Services:

  • Complete Computer Virus Malware Removal Cleanup $45
    Disk Cleanup Performed & Complete Virus, Malware Infections Removed.


  • Advanced Computer Virus Malware Removal $89
    Includes:  Complete computer virus, spyware, malware removal repair, disk cleanup, Anti Virus Software installed, Spyware Detection software installed, System Updates applied, security settings checked & tweaked, with complete Advanced System Optimization for maximum performance.

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Virus Malware Removal Complete Information

Website For More Information & Contact Info:
Lightspeeds PC Repair Augusta GA
Lightspeeds PC Repair Augusta GA – Facebook Page

How To Remove Anti Virus Studio 2010 Malware

Lightspeeds PC Repair Augusta GA

Anti Virus Studio 2010 Malware was on a Windows Vista computer today. Fairly simple to remove.

Download RKill Malware Process Terminator.

“RKill” is a malware process terminator, it stops & closes the malware process which will allow you to scan and remove the infection. Comes in 4-5 different file formats to sort fake the malware out.


And save to a USB Flash Drive.
Boot the computer up in, insert & open  your usb flash drive. Double click on one the “RKill” files, “yes” to the user control prompt, small cmd window should appear for a few seconds, and should terminate the malware process. You might have to try this a few times, or try one of the other “RKill” files. And if Vista’s User Control Prompt is prompting you,, you have to be quick to allow it.  Not being quick about it the malware will shut “RKill down” or take over.

When “RKill” kills the Anti Virus Studio 2010 malware process you can then install (or update if you have already) Malwarebytes Anti Malware. And get yourself connected to the internet, and very important to UPDATE Malwarebytes Anti Malware then start the scan. When Malware bytes Anti Malware is done, follow the prompts, remove everything it finds, and reboot to complete the removal process.

Ccleaner – disk cleanup tool
To Manually remove Anti Virus Studio 2010 Malware:Anti Virus Studio 2010 Malware

The folder & files associated with this malware on Windows Vista machine were located in:

Local Disk C:/ Users/”user name”/AppData/Roaming/ AntiVirus 2010 folder

(You might have to go to your “Control Panel, Folder Options, View tab” on change so protected or hidden folders are files are shown/visible)

Removing this entire AntiVirus 2010 folder will enable you to then scan your computer with Malwarebytes Anti Malware
UPDATE & run follow up scans with your Anti Virus software, along with Spybot – Search & Destroy and SuperAntiSpyware Free Edition. For there were approx 20 or stray files within the registry picked up by Malwarebytes.


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How To Remove ThinkPoint Fake Rogue Malware Spyware

This is another in the long list of  “rogue”, fake, bogus security software that somehow sneaks by your Anti Virus Anti Spyware. Virtually stops your computer from functioning, prompting you to “start” or “activate”, purchase there product in order to have your computer back again.

This was looking like Microsoft Security Essentials program, and even mention Microsoft Security Essentials,, but don’t be fooled, it’s a frustrating, pain in the ass fake annoying program. But it was actually an easy removal process, and fix.

This was on a Windows Vista machine today, and would not load up the desktop, Thinkpoint had Windows Explorer shut down, held at ransom.

  • I booted up in Safe Mode:

On boot up press or tap the F8 key, until you see a screen with Safe Mode option. Use your up arrow key to highlight Safe Mode, press the enter key.

Let Safe Mode load up,, enter login info if prompt to. Then this is where “Thinkpoint” screen came up, filling the entire screen, with no normal desktop behind it. Thinkpoint had Windows Explorer shut down on startup,,, clever aren’t they?

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete Key to bring up “Task Manager” (press “Start Task Manager” for vista Win 7)
  • Go To The “Processes” Tab in Task Manager
  • Now look for a process in that list called “hotfix.exe”
  • Use your mouse cursor & highlight hotfix.exe, click “End Task” (lower bottom right corner of same window)

When prompt “Do you wish to end task…..” etc,, click “Yes”

(“Hotfix.exe” is the rogue malware file associated with Thinkpoint malware infection)
Now here is how to start Windows Explorer manually:

With Task Manager still open, click on the “File” menu (upper left corner)

Choose “New Task (Run),, and type in “explorer.exe” (with no quotes)
Your desktop should now load up, it will look strange, different for Safe Mode does not load the graphics driver.

(At this point I went in & file searched for “hotfix.exe” to locate where the file was, & manually removed/deleted the file.)

If you don’t have Malwarebytes download the program, install, UPDATE and run Quick Scan,, Malwarebytes will find the malware, maybe others, and remove anything it might find. Might prompt you to restart to fully remove the bad stuff. All should be well, but update, and run scans with any other security software you have just to crosscheck the system.

How I manually removed Thinkpoink and the “hotfix.exe” it was associated with:

  • The “hotfix.exe” file is the Thinkpoint malware program file, on this Windows Vista Computer it was located here:

C: Users folder >Home folder >AppData folder >Roaming folder and there was “hotfix.exe”

  • Go to your Start Menu, then cue up “My Computer” or “Computer”, double click on “Local Disk (C:), then look for “Users” folder above.
  • Follow the path mentioned above: Users, Home, AppData,,, Roaming folder
  • “Right Click” on hotfix.exe and choose “delete” in the sub menu………………. all gone.

This was the only file associated with this “Thinkpoint” Malware. No other entries in system registry were found when following uo with other scans afterwards. Maybe there were other files associated with this “Thinkpoint” malware, maybe the systems Anti Virus Software might of stopped some of it, but this one “hotfix.exe” file planted itself right in a start up folder/directory.

Computer was back to normal operation.

Customer stated she believed her computer became infected with this after clicking on, and attempting read some celebrity article on MSN.com
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