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Dell – Alienware Laptop Service Manuals Repair Guides

Dell – Alienware Laptop Service Manuals Repair Guides

I have another website that I just setup few weeks ago, and made this post on the other site. Thought I’d share it here also.

Dell keeps most manuals on there website per laptop model#, had a collection of them saved to pc.

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HP Pavilion DV6000 | DV9000 Laptop Motherboard Video Repair

** Update – See bottom of this article **

HP dv6000 repair

HP dv6000 GPU Repair

Power lights, media bar lights but no display? Black Screen?
Black Screen when tested with an external monitor?

A very, very common failure in these HP DV Series laptops! They were built by HP with a well known cooling design defect.
1 – HP & Nvidia manufacturing cooling/overheat defect.
2 – Lack of preventive maintenance & proper use by the owner.
More to the explanation of the problem near bottom of page.

HP Overheated GPU Failure Symptoms:

– Power lights on, media bar lights on, no display, black screen.
– Power lights on, media bar lights flash on & off, no display, black screen.
– Power lights on, media bar lights flash on & off, laptop beeps, no display, black screen.
– Power lights flash and laptop turns right off.
– Laptop Turns On, Boots Up, But Randomly Turns Off – Overheating
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Compaq Presario CQ60-215DX Overheat Repair

PC Repair Augusta GA

Compaq CQ60-215DX to the right was idling at a high 85+ celsius, which is overheat range. Bottom of laptop was extremely hot. Customer brought it in thinking it was virus related. Customer stated “it began running very slow for weeks ago and shutting down on it’s own, and would not start back up right away.” I felt the bottom of laptop, and installed a temperature program and ran a simple disk cleanup while the customer was still present.

Simple disk cleanup shot the temperature from 85-96 celsius. The laptop was overheating, this was the main problem, viruses were detected and removed later after the repair.
Basic Symptoms Of An Overheating Laptop:


Compaq_CQ60 Before Repair

Bottom of laptop very hot, keyboard palmrest area hot, screen lines or distortion, laptop periodically just powers off, cpu & gpu temperature of 70-80+ celsius.

Another blog article here: Temperature Monitoring Software. Install one of these temp monitoring programs, if your CPU temperature is 60-65+ constantly when the laptop is “idle”, nothing running, your laptop is running hot, fan is most likely blocked on inside. This is “idle” temp, if it running this warm when laptop is “idle”, what temperature do you think it will hit under full “load”?? VERY HOT.
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Gateway M-1617 Series Laptop Overheating, Fix & Solution

Gateway M-1617 Overheating

Gateway M Series 1617 Overheating

To get to the fan & heatsink is easy on this laptop. Remove one panel off back, and you now have easy access to cooling fan & heatsink components on this laptop. Unlike most laptops you have to “tear down” completely.
I cleaned the fan, removed the fan housing and clean the heatsink exhaust vent from dust buildup, cleaned the CPU and applied fresh Arctic Cooling MX2 thermal compound.
After new hard drive install, and Windows 7 operating system. The Gateway still booted up operating at 75-80 celsius, and it continued to idle at that temperature for an hour. Still way to hot for idle temp! Keep in mind the fan was cleaned, AND the fan was running high speed, and loud.  Flip the laptop over and took another good look at that access panel.
The only cool air  intake sits to the far left on this panel, about 2″ away from fan. This intake was covered with mesh material acting as a filter, but also restricts air flow. What little air was pulling through this intake passed over the memory, passed over the hot video graphics chip.
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How To Keep Your Laptop From Overheating – Laptop Running Hot

Lightspeeds PC Repair Augusta GA

Heat build up in every laptop is a problem. With current laptops being built with Duo, Triple and Quad core processors they should not be called “laptops” anymore.  For they are to hot for using on your laptop. Actually laptops should NOT be used on your laptop, for this blocks off the cool air intake vent on the bottom of laptop.

HP dv2000 fan

HP dv2000 fan

Heat is the ultimate death in all electronics, more so in laptops. Follow these simple tips to keep your laptops cool, and prolong the life of the laptop & hard drive in general.
The main cause of overheating in laptops, is what you see here in photo to the right >>>>
Laptop Overheating Symptoms:

  • Keyboard, Bottom Base Of Laptop Extremely Hot
  • Laptop Randomly Shuts Down On It’s Own

If it is shutting down on it’s own, DO NOT try and run this laptop, you need to get it checked out and repaired!

The automatic shutdown is a built in thermal protection feature, in protecting the laptops CPU & Motherboard from damage.
Other than fixing the main cause for the overheat or hot laptop, following the below list will help you keep laptop cooling system clean and running good temperatures:
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HP G60 / G62 Laptop Overheating Problem & Cooling Repair

Serviced an HP G62 laptop recently, that was shutting down randomly and customer stated screen would distort at times.

HP G62 Laptop Overheat

HP G62 Exhaust Fan

Installed a temperature monitoring program on the laptop. And just booting up to desktop, “idle temperature” was 79-87 celsius, which is overheat high temperature range, especially on laptops. Began a malware scan, and within 20 seconds temperature went from 82 celsius to 116 celsius.. red zone, fry temperature.

I immediately stopped the scan, and shut the laptop down. Disconnected cord and battery and opened this HP G62 laptop up. Cooling Fan & Heatsink cooling grill was completely blocked off with dust build up.

HP G62 laptop internal fan exhaust on right >>>>

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