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Battlefield 3 – Quad CPU – Asus GTX 560 = Great Performance

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Asus ENGTX 560 DCII 1GB GDDR5 PCI Express
Awesome Video Graphics Card For The Price!

Specifications – Review – BF3 Gameplay:

ASUS GTX560 DCII OC/2DI/1GD5 GeForce GTX 560 (Fermi) 1GB 256-bit GDDR5
Asus GTX 560Specifications:
Core Clock: 850Mhz
Shader Clock: 1700 Mhz
Cuda Cores: 336
Effective Memory Clock: 4200 Mhz
Memory Size: 1GB
Memory Interface: 256 Bit
Memory Type: GDDR5
DirectX: DirectX 11
HDMI: 1 x mini HDMI
Max Resolution: 2560 x 1600
Card Dimensions: 9.2″ x 4.4″

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Battlefield 3 – Game Optimization Settings – FPS Tweaks

How to squeeze out a few more FPS in Battlefield 3?
BF3 System requirements posted for the PC game here.

BF3 Target “Frames Per Second” = 60 Minimum Average
A higher frame rate produces smoother graphics. A low frame rate will appear laggy, chuggy, slow, choppy and can make a game unplayable as ingame actions take far too long to complete with far too few frames. Anything over 40 fps in Battlefield 3 I suppose is playable. FPS below 35 or will not run well. Maintaining an average 60 FPS is your goal for smooth game play. The other big factor in the quality of your game play, with any on line game is your internet connection.
And why “60 FPS” minimum for BF3?
To counter any low “dips” in FPS on high action areas and certain maps. Caspian Border for example.
Choppy, laggy game play with low FPS is not going help matters with BF3’s poor hit detection, your aim. Especially if your enemy is running at a very high FPS, very smooth game play. You might be struggling with choppy, laggy game play, YOU might see the enemy zipping or “teleporting” across the screen but he is not, he has a direct clean shot at you, for example.
How To Show FPS In BF3:
– Open the game console by hitting the “~” key (tilde, next #1 key)
– Type: render.drawfps 1
– Type: render.drawfps 0 (to turn Off)

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Battlefield 3 Countdown – Time To Make Some Friends

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3

With Battlefield 3 countdown 10-25-11 release around the corner, time to meet new people & join a few games together.
From what I can gather, Battlefield 3 PC Game release is 10-25-11, 00:00 (Pacific), which is 3:00am (Eastern Time)

I pre ordered through Origin, pre load download & install began 10-21-11. I received my email download link Friday 10-21-11, was a 11.6 GB download which downloaded and installed in 1.5 hour on my connection. Fastest 11 GB I have ever downloaded! They are using a date & time on line date server/checker, so the game will not run even in single player until 10-25-11,, FYI.

I am an experienced “noob”, easy to spot, I’m the one getting blown to pieces most of the time. I’m the one that has my sites on you, right in front of me, I empty my mag and your still standing, as I’m trying to get cover and reload or switch weapons, you squeeze off one round and I am waiting to re-spawn. I’m the one getting revived by the medic 20 times a match. I’m the bullet magnet on the Battlefield. Yes that is me….. LOL.

Trying to learn and get better, so if your in the same “boat” as me, reply below with your Origin ID, and add mine below and we’ll see try to get together. I can’t be the only “noob” out there, then again sometimes I feel like it.

I played the Battlefield 3 Beta, did not do to bad the first 2 days, but the 1 map was new to all. By the 3rd day the experience players ranked up, with weapon unlocks and were familiar with the map, and it went down hill for me again. Part of the problem is need to get use to the new gaming mouse I picked up last week – Cyborg R.A.T. 7 mouse. Awesome mouse by the way, still tweaking the DPI and sensitivity settings, that is most of the problem right now.
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