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Augusta GA Computer Repair

Lightspeeds Computer Repair Evans Augusta GA

Affordable computer repair service located in Evans Augusta GA. Specializing in laptop hardware (screen & Power jack) repairs, virus malware removal repair, computer performance tuneups, operating system repair & recovery, Apple iPad touch screen repairs, diagnostics, troubleshooting and repair at reasonable, economical computer repair rates. About Lightspeeds Computer Repair

Laptop computer repair for Dell, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, Gateway, Asus, Compaq, Sony, MSI computers and laptops. Customer Testimonials & Reviews
Microsoft Windows based computer, laptops and the iPad touch screen replacement.
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Monday – Friday 10 – 6pm
Saturday 10 – 4pm
Sunday Closed

Main Website – www.PCRepairAugustaGa.com

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Computer Repair Services

– Computer Diagnostics, Troubleshooting & Repair
– Computer Virus – Malware – Spyware – Removal Repair
– Internet Connection Issues Resolved
– Computer Performance Optimization – PC Tune Up
– Computer Hardware Upgrades / Replacement
– Hard Drive Replacement
– Operating System Upgrades Installed
– Operating System Repair – Recovery – Installation
– Windows 10 Setup, Tuneup, Optimization & Customization
– Data Backup – Data Transfer
– Custom Desktop Computer Builds
– Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 & 10 Optimization
– Windows 10 Installation, Upgrade, Setup, Customization & Optimization
– Laptop Screen Replacement (Non Touch Screens)
– Laptop Power Port – DC Jack Repairs
– Laptop Cooling – Overheating Repair
– Laptop Keyboard Replacement
– Apple iPad Screen Repairs (Most Models)

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ASUS G53JW Video Driver Update Problem – How To

ASUS G53 Video Driver

ASUS G53 Video Driver

Have read of others having problems updating the Nvidia Video driver on this model. And I to had the same problem. “Compatible Hardware Not Found” driver install failed. I uninstalled the old driver first and ran into this problem trying to install the driver. I created a System Restore point before uninstalling the old driver in preparation for the new driver, but it seems uninstalling the old driver caused the new driver not to install.

This is the usual way to do this, uninstall the old before installing new, but not in this case. With creating the system restore point before attempting this, I as able to revert or restore the system back to the older driver that I just removed. Once I did this, I was now able to install the new driver “over the top” of the old driver without any problems.

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ASUS G53 G53JW DC Power Jack | DC Power Port = $9.95 USA

ASUS G53 Series DC Jack

ASUS G53 Series DC Jack

The ASUS G53JW has a very fragile dc jack, ASUS’s power cord is a tight fit on the jack, the power cord is heavy duty & stiff making it very easy to snap & damage the important DC Power Jack on the laptop. Have read in the ASUS ROG forum, and many others about MANY breaking the dc jack on these ROG laptops.
Center pin breaks off and comes out stuck in power cord. With a broken dc power jack, your expensive laptop investment will not power up, or charge the battery. Hard to find item, well I found a supplier and now have a stock on this part for the ASUS G53 series laptops.
I own a ASUS G53JW-A1 ROG laptop, now 20 months old, have had no problem. But I had a 2.5mm right angle adapter for power cord plug, before the laptop arrived. This right angled adapter is not so tight on the laptops dc jack, goes on & comes off wth ease, no force. Opposed to the Asus cord jack plug, it is a very tight fit and takes some pressure to insert. This right angle adapter angles the cord straight towards the back of laptop, instead of sticking straight out the side of laptop. But it is still (DC Power Jack) a very fragile poor design in ALL Windows based laptops.

ASUS G53JW DC Jack – Shipping Included Listed In On Line Store Here:
ASUS G53 G53JW DC Power Jack = $6.95 From USA!

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How To Restore Asus G53JW Back To Factory – Recovery Partition

PC Repair Augusta GA

The Asus G53JW does have a factory recovery partition to “clean” install the operating system. As always make sure to make recovery disks or system image after reinstalling, so you have a set. If your hard drive is failing or has failed, the recovery partition on the bad drive will be of no use to you. That’s when you will need your recovery disks or system image disk you made to reload the operating system.

After unpacking this laptop out of the box, it took 5 DVD’s to burn the recovery disk(s) image. With all the Asus software, drivers etc that is included in the factory recovery partition.
PLEASE NOTE: any of these procedures WILL ERASE ALL data from your computer. Make sure you keep backups of all important data at all times!
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Intel Turbo Boost Gadget | Super Hybrid Engine Gadget Missing?

Lightspeeds PC Repair Augusta GA

Have a new ASUS G53JW ROG laptop. Exited out, closed the windows sidebar one day and on next boot both Intels Turbo Boost & Super Hybrid Engine sidebar gadgets were gone. Nor were they listed in desktop “Gadgets”. No big deal really, laptop still functioned as it did before, just nice to see on the sidebar.
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ASUS G53JW-A1 15.6″ Republic Of Gamers Laptop Review

4-20-11…,,, Coming Soon folks, ordered one of these “bad boys” 2 days ago, should be here in about a week, will post a full review.

Asus G53JW ROG

Asus G53JW ROG

Asus G53JW-A1 Laptop Specs:

  • CPU: Intel Core i7 740QM
  • Screen 15.6″ LED Backlit
  • Memory 6GB Expandable to 16GB
  • Hard Disk: 750 GB
  • Optical Drive: DVD Super Multi
  • Video Memory: 1.5 GDDR5 VRAM
  • Chipset: Intel HM55
  • Resolution: 1920×1080 Full HDD
  • Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX460M
  • Graphics Type: Dedicated Card
  • WLAN: 802.11 B/G/N
  • 3 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0
  • Keyboard: Backlit
  • 1 x VGA
  • 1 x HDMI
  • 8 in 1 Cardreader
  • Webcam 2.0 MP
$1389.00 – $100 Rebate Card = $1289.00
1 Year Asus Accidental Warranty
2 year Parts & Labor Warranty


5-2-2011 Asus G53JW-A1 ROG Review:
Very well designed, sleek, power packed laptop by Asus. Outside casing is solid, smooth black matte, heavy plastic, with the design of a stealth bomber kind of look. Palmrest is rubberized, which gives it a nice feel.
Asus G53JW Cooling System

Asus G53JW Cooling System

Super state of the art cooling system in this G53JW-A1 laptop. The CPU & GPU both have there own separate heatsinks, cooling fans AND exhaust vents. Rear left side exhaust cools and vents the CPU, the rear right side exhaust cools and vents the GPU. Intel Turbo mode automatically overclocks, and kicks in the cpu when needed. Have watched cpu meter jumpo from 1.7 Ghz to 3.2, and fluctuate back down and up as needed. You can also manually adjust throught the “Super Hybrid Engine Widget” by Asus with 4 preset settings: Battery Saver Mode, Quiet Office mode, Entertainment mode, and High Performance Mode.

LCD Screen: Cyrstal Clear 15.6″ LED FULL HDD at 1920 x 1080p resolution. 30 Day Zero Dead pixel warranty by Asus. Awesome screen! Have used , and repaired many laptops, have seen no other laptop screen like the quality of this screen on this Asus G series laptop.

Asus G53JW-A1 Palmrest

Asus G53JW-A1 Keyboard & Palmrest

Keyboard: Full numerical “chiclet” style keyboard which is backlit. Using the function keys up top, can turn backlighting completely off or adjust/dim keyboard with 2-3 clicks. Keyboard is also angled at the right angle for typing OR gaming to!

Palmrest: is rubberized which gives the palmrest a nice soft feel to it. Has the “ROG” logo and “Republic OF Gamers” on the right side of the palmrest.

Touchpad: 3.25″ L x 2″ Width

Memory: 6 GB DDR3 Memory upgradable to 16 GB’s. At “idle desktop” memory reports 19% in use with system preloaded by Asus, 4290 MB free. With Firefox open as now, memory at 23% use. CPU usage at “idle desktop reports 2-3% use. Avira Anti Virus Installed. Laptop comes with a Trend Micro AV Trial, which I uninstalled.
Hardware Info gadget reports: Hynix PC3 10600 DDR3

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Hardrive: 750GB Sata 7200 RPM. C Drive factory partitoned off at 173 Free, and D (Data) Partiton at 500GB. And an available slot for 2nd hard drive………

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