Laptop Repair Augusta GA

Lightspeeds Laptop Repair Evans Augusta GA

Laptop Repair Augusta GAAffordable laptop repair services for Evans, Grovetown, Martinez, Fort Gordon and the local Augusta GA area. Specializing in laptop virus malware removal & repair, laptop screen replacement, dc power jack repair, hard drive replacement and operating system recovery repair.

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Lightspeeds Laptop Computer Repair is a locally owned, independent home operated computer repair service located in Evans Augusta GA. About Lightspeeds PC Repair
For Laptop Screen Replacement Estimate:
Manufacture & Model# Is Required To Provide An Estimate
Identify My Laptop – How to Find My Model Number


Diagnostics Estimate Of Repair –

  • Diagnostics estimate of repair is included FREE, with full repair of your device.
  • Computer Diagnostics Repair Estimate (Repair Declined – Estimate Only) $40
    Non Refundable
  • Insurance Diagnostics Estimate & Complete Report $65
    Includes complete insurance report document with estimate of repair, and verbal communication with your insurance company. Non Refundable.


Laptop Repair Services:

  • Virus Malware Spyware Removal Repair


  • Laptop Screen Installation $49 (Plus Cost Of New Screen)


  • Laptop DC Power Jack Replacement Repair (Most Laptops)


  • Laptop Keyboard Replacement Installation


  • Laptop Cooling – Overheat Repair


  • Laptop Hard Drive Replacement


  • Operating System Repair & Recovery


  • Laptop Performance Tune Up Optimization


  • Solid State Drive Upgrades



Laptop Hard Drive Failure

iDrive Offsite BackupHard drives in laptops fail at a much higher rate over a desktop larger computer. Laptops have limited cooling, (1 fan inside) and very limited airflow within the laptops casing. After sometime, overheating in laptops becomes a problem. Your laptop has generally one fan and internal heat exhaust. Dust accumulation inside will block this heatsink exhaust.
What causes the hard drive to fail prematurely?
– Excessive long term heat
– Any sudden drops or “jolts” to the hard drive
This is 2 BIG “strikes” going against the hard drive in your laptop. If you properly maintain the laptop with periodic maintenance either by yourself or taking in for service, the hard drive and laptop in general will last much longer.
All your important critical, irreplaceable data – your documents, your family photos, your music collection is store on that hard drive. ALWAY keep your important data files backed up regularly, especially on a laptop computer.
I highly recommend iDrive – Automatic Offsite Data Backup. I have used iDrive personally for years now. Simple, safe and fool-proof hard drive back up & recovery insurance.

Our Repair Warranty Terms
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2 thoughts on “Laptop Repair Augusta GA

  1. Jr June 22, 2015 at 9:57 pm Reply

    Can you upgrade the hard drive of PS4 from 500 GB to 2TB? What is the cost? Thank You!

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