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Computer diagnostics estimate is FREE, included with the complete repair of your device. Once the problem(s) have been identified, and cost of repair determined and complete repair authorized you will just have the repair cost. The diagnostics fee is waived, or credited towards the complete repair.

  • Desktop Computer Diagnostics Repair Estimate (Repair Declined – Estimate Only) $40
    Non Refundable
  • Insurance Diagnostics Estimate & Complete Report $60
    Includes complete insurance report document with estimate of repair, and verbal communication with your insurance company. Non Refundable.


  • Computer Repair For Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
  • Computer Diagnosing & Troubleshooting
  • Computer Hardware Upgrades & Replacement
  • Custom Design Computer Desktop & Gaming Computers
  • Advanced Computer System Optimization / PC Tuneup For Maximum Performance!

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Gateway NV53 Laptop

Gateway NV53 Laptop

Laptop DC Jack Repair

Laptop DC Jack Repair


Specialized Laptop Hardware Repair Replacement:

For Laptop Screen Replacement Estimate:
Manufacture & Model# Is Required To Provide An Estimate
Identify My Laptop – How to Find My Model Number

Computer Virus Removal Services:

  • Basic Complete Virus Spyware Removal $45
  • Advanced Virus Malware Removal & Complete System Tuneup $79


Laptop DC Power Jack Repair:

  • Laptop DC Jack Repair Includes Parts & Labor $89

Parts Labor Included! Internal cleaning & Cooling Modification Included!

DC Jack Repair

Laptop DC Jack Repair

On ALL windows based laptops DC Power Jack is a known weak spot, very fragile, and very common breakdown on laptop. Very poor design for such an expensive investment, and a very important part of the laptop. One wrong “hit”, tripped over power cord, tug, pull, or any force on the laptops dc jack can loosen and damage the power connection to the laptop.

These DC Power Jacks on 95% of laptops are soldered directly to the motherboard by very small power connections pins. And a few others that have a cable harness type jack that mounts to inside of case, and plugs into the motherboard. Somewhat better design, saves the dc jack itself from damage most of the time, but this jack breaks loose from the inside case mounting bracket.
Laptop DC Jack Shipping Repair Available.
Other areas of damage – repair inside of the laptop, after dis-assembly of the laptop are not included in this DC Jack Repair price. For example broken plastic inside of casing, broken anchor screw mounts, broken hinges etc. Until laptop is dis-assembled we have no way of knowing the full extent of the damage that sometimes happens to the surrounding area near the DC Power Jack.
** Lightspeed PC DOES NOT repair or service:
iPods, Macbooks, iPhones, Cell Phones, Tablets, xBox or Playstations **
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    To whoever wrote the fix for the flickering screen in Acer Aspire laptops: Thank you so much for posting!!! I had that problem with my Acer Aspire laptop and I found your article. With the service manual in hand, I took the laptop apart, found that aluminum strip and removed and I didn’t have a single flicker since!

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