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Battlefield 3 – Quad CPU – Asus GTX 560 = Great Performance

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Asus ENGTX 560 DCII 1GB GDDR5 PCI Express
Awesome Video Graphics Card For The Price!

Specifications – Review – BF3 Gameplay:

ASUS GTX560 DCII OC/2DI/1GD5 GeForce GTX 560 (Fermi) 1GB 256-bit GDDR5
Asus GTX 560Specifications:
Core Clock: 850Mhz
Shader Clock: 1700 Mhz
Cuda Cores: 336
Effective Memory Clock: 4200 Mhz
Memory Size: 1GB
Memory Interface: 256 Bit
Memory Type: GDDR5
DirectX: DirectX 11
HDMI: 1 x mini HDMI
Max Resolution: 2560 x 1600
Card Dimensions: 9.2″ x 4.4″

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How to Clean Your EVGA GTX 275 Video Card

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The EVGA GTX 275 has a very powerful cooling fan. When the GTX 275 is new it does draw in a good amount of cool air into the heatsink to properly cool the GTX 275 video card. As you see in the photos below, over time it brings not only a good amount of air onto the card, but dust, hair, lint to. This dust and pet hair etc will eventually block, limit the cooling capabilities of the card. Running the temperatures much higher on the GTX 275, or any video card.


Below photo, carefully removed the 13 larger “red arrow” screws>

The smaller 8 screws – “green arrow” you DO NOT have to remove. This is the outer ring guard around the Nvidia Graphics chip.

Evga GTX 275


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Dell – Alienware Laptop Service Manuals Repair Guides

Dell – Alienware Laptop Service Manuals Repair Guides

I have another website that I just setup few weeks ago, and made this post on the other site. Thought I’d share it here also.

Dell keeps most manuals on there website per laptop model#, had a collection of them saved to pc.

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Battlefield 3 – Game Optimization Settings – FPS Tweaks

How to squeeze out a few more FPS in Battlefield 3?
BF3 System requirements posted for the PC game here.

BF3 Target “Frames Per Second” = 60 Minimum Average
A higher frame rate produces smoother graphics. A low frame rate will appear laggy, chuggy, slow, choppy and can make a game unplayable as ingame actions take far too long to complete with far too few frames. Anything over 40 fps in Battlefield 3 I suppose is playable. FPS below 35 or will not run well. Maintaining an average 60 FPS is your goal for smooth game play. The other big factor in the quality of your game play, with any on line game is your internet connection.
And why “60 FPS” minimum for BF3?
To counter any low “dips” in FPS on high action areas and certain maps. Caspian Border for example.
Choppy, laggy game play with low FPS is not going help matters with BF3’s poor hit detection, your aim. Especially if your enemy is running at a very high FPS, very smooth game play. You might be struggling with choppy, laggy game play, YOU might see the enemy zipping or “teleporting” across the screen but he is not, he has a direct clean shot at you, for example.
How To Show FPS In BF3:
– Open the game console by hitting the “~” key (tilde, next #1 key)
– Type: render.drawfps 1
– Type: render.drawfps 0 (to turn Off)

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Dell Inspiron N4010 LCD Screen Replacement Guide – How To

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How to change screen on a Dell Inspiron N4010 Laptop?

Dell Inspiron N4010

Dell Inspiron N4010 LCD

This model is very easy to change the lcd screen.
Laptop does not have to be dis-assembled on this model.

Type Screen: 40 Pin “LED” (Not CCFL)
Power Inverter: None
Screen Size: 14″
Part# LP140WH1 TL C6 (LG Display)
Screen Cost Approximately $70-$95

– Unplug laptop, remove main battery.

– Open laptop screen all the way, open.
First off, this is a guide and by no means does Lightspeeds Computer Repair take any responsibility in the dis-assembly of your equipment by this guide & photos, and you damaging the equipment. Dis-assemble, re-assemble at your own risk.
LCD “Bezel”: is the black plastic trim around the inside of screen as if your looking at the screen, with laptop open. There are no screws holding this lcd bezel in place, just snaps off & on by inside clips in the lid frame & bezel.

– Starting from one side of the screen, grab the inside plastic lcd black bezel, closest to the screen, get a few fingers under it (from screen side) and slowly pull up & towards you until the bezel pops loose. Work your way up to the top corner. Do the same across the top part of screen. Then work your way back down to the bottom near hinges. Get your fingers under the bottom middle where the Dell logo is at, pull back slowly until it pops loose. You might feel some resistance here from the plastic clips inside and sticky tape Dell used in this bottom area. Once you feel it pop loose, you know how the rest comes off. Remove bezel from lcd screen.
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ASUS G53JW Video Driver Update Problem – How To

ASUS G53 Video Driver

ASUS G53 Video Driver

Have read of others having problems updating the Nvidia Video driver on this model. And I to had the same problem. “Compatible Hardware Not Found” driver install failed. I uninstalled the old driver first and ran into this problem trying to install the driver. I created a System Restore point before uninstalling the old driver in preparation for the new driver, but it seems uninstalling the old driver caused the new driver not to install.

This is the usual way to do this, uninstall the old before installing new, but not in this case. With creating the system restore point before attempting this, I as able to revert or restore the system back to the older driver that I just removed. Once I did this, I was now able to install the new driver “over the top” of the old driver without any problems.

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