iPad Air 1 Screen Repair $85 Augusta GA

Lightspeeds Computer Repair Evans Augusta GA specializes in iPad Air screen repairs, and can have your iPad Air looking as good as new once again.

iPad Air Screen RepairAccidentley dropped your iPad Air 1 and cracked your glass touch screen? Unfortunately, Apple designed the iPad for mobility, NOT durability. The iPad Air glass touch screen is extremely fragile, can easily be damaged from the slightest drop impact. #1 breakdown in all iPad models.
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iPad Air 1 Screen Repair & Replacement NOW $85

iPad Air Screen RepairService includes the removal of the iPad Air’s broken glass touch screen, and replacing with new, quality grade AA+ replacement iPad Air touch screen. Your iPad Air will be back in action, and good as new again.

Also Includes:

iPad Air Screen Repair


iPad Air 1 Completion Time:

iPad Air Glass Repair
– With part on hand, 1 to 2 business days

– Out of stock, repair time of 4 to 7 Business Days

Due to the cost of the new replacement touch screen for the iPad Air, and 2 color variations, I do not keep to many of these iPad Air replacement touch screens around.

If I am out of stock, ordering, shipping and delivery of the part could push the repair back to 4 to 7 days.

Warranty Information
** Prices Subject To Change **

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