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Have been a member of eBay since 2003, and overall have had no problems until recently the last couple of months. Not sure what is going on with ebay and it’s sellers on eBay during the last year, but have ran into multiple problems with purchases, and sellers the last few months. 2 recent ones, and I will begin to track, update and post others here.
Febuary 21, 2014
eBay Seller: edens_designs
eBay Store: http://stores.ebay.com/edensdesigns/
eBay Page: http://www.ebay.com/usr/edens_designs

$53.78 purchase from ebay seller edens_designs. Received product defective, contacted the next day and was sent instructions for return with no apology for sending the defective product. The item was a black iPad Mini Digitizer, the home button and bracket was falling off, not adhered correctly to the digitizer. It is such a fragile item I decided to pack it back up and contact the seller for “defective product” return. I shipped back to them at my cost 2 days after receiving in the same condition, same box as received. Now going on 4 weeks later after tracking on return shipping shows delivered to seller, no refund has been issued back. They have received there defective product back and my $53.78 purchase payment is still in there hands. I waited long
enough, this one I escalated to a “Paypal Claim”. Also waited and left negative feedback “Defective product returned, no refund after 3 weeks – Escalated To Paypal Claim”. Now after leaving the negative feed back I receive a reply the later in the evening from ebay seller edens_designs:

“Sorry for the delay,we will make refund for you soon, We will send you a request of feedback revision, please receive and revise the negative feedback for us ,is that OK? We will make refund for you after you revise the feedback, waiting for your reply.”

The message quote above from ebay seller edens_designs, what do you take or perceive that message as? My reply to the message – “No, that is not how it works, product was returned to you over 3 weeks ago the way it was as I received it. I’m not playing games here”. edens_designs has there defective item back, 4 weeks later no refund as requested, or even a replacement sent. On line robbery, complete total thieves. 4 weeks after they received there defective item back and no refund on purchase is WAY to long, and now there message above. Documentation added to Paypal claim. Reading through edens_designs feed back, there negative feedback seems to following a trend.

Following day after sellers message above, this message came in:

“Hello, We have made refund for you, please check your paypal and receive the request of feedback revision, thank you. Best wishes, Dullae – edens_designs”

Week later, still no refund, payment or transaction reported in Paypal. Seller has 5 more days to respond to Paypal claim, which they have not.

Updated: Paypal claim refunded the purchase payment. edens_designs never responded to Paypal claim by specified date. Lesson learned here, do not order from edens_designs again, analyze the sellers total items sold AND overall negative feedback.

Been an eBay member since 2003, Paypal member for I don’t know how long. The above is the first Paypal “dispute” and Paypal “claim” I have had to initiate.
August 28, 2013
eBay Seller: lcdtech889
Also Known As: dvdsuper999

eBay Store: http://stores.ebay.com/lcdtech99/

eBay Page: http://www.ebay.com/usr/lcdtech889
Purchased an lcd screen for a customers laptop from this eBay seller above back in Augusta of 2013. After receiving the new lcd screen, I found out the laptop had a graphics hardware problem. The new screen was good, but the laptop had no graphic output at all, not even on an external monitor. I contacted eBay seller lcdtech889 explained the problem and that his screen was fine and good and if I could return for refund. I was told there would be a restocking fee, or I could opt for a store credit for a future purchase, so,, I opted for the store credit. I had no more laptops come in for screen replacement for a few months. Then had a laptop in for repair, tried contacting this eBay seller lcdtech889 for a lcd screen I needed, and the store credit I had. Tried several times to contact, all with no response, no reply. It is way past Paypal Buyer Protection or Paypal claim now. Long past any eBays buyer protection. That was $88.91 robbery from eBay seller lcdtech889. They received there perfectly good lcd screen back and kept my initial purchase payment of $88.91. Complete theft and robbery, and stupidity on my part for opting out for a store credit months ago!
Lessoned learned here: NEVER opt for a on line store credit, never order from eBay sellers lcdtech889 or eBay seller dvdsuper999 again. These sellers mainly sell lcd replacement screens. They must have 2 ebay stores under different names, but they are the same group or on line store.
You find a few good honest sellers on eBay, stick with them. Check and sort sellers negative feedback, for 30 days or 12 months out even if they are showing 99%+ positive feedback. How-ever, these 3 on line eBay scammers all show 99%++ feedback. I am reluctant to order anything off eBay again, I’ll try Amazon or elsewhere. No problems since 2003, but the last several months,, this is not good at all. Bye, bye eBay!
Added To eBay Bad Seller List – Never Again:
lcdtech889, dvdsuper999, and edens_designs
How to know the ebay Seller is A Good Seller an not bad
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