Appliance Service Center Augusta GA – Negative Review

appliance service center
This is a personal review of Appliance Servicenters Southeast Augusta GA company here is Augusta GA. If you in Augusta GA, I DO NOT recommend this service company,,, read on:

5-15-13 We had a service appointment for a household refrigerator that was running warm, not cooling down properly. Appliance Servicenters Southeast Augusta GA sent a service repairman that arrived at 1:45pm. I opened the door and he shoved a business card literally in my face. He then walked back to truck, seen him grab his toolbox. I met him at the door again, let him in, he walked in the door shaking his head in disgust. Why, I do not know. 30 seconds after meeting him through front door I could tell something was not right with this service tech, and the attitude he was expressing though his body language.

I showed him the way to kitchen, and my dad proceeded to explain the problem with the refrigerator. I looked over at the repairman, and he was still shaking his head in disgust in a very negative way. Being disrepectful to my dad as he spoke as if he did not want to hear, listen to it or deal with it.

Service tech began to pull the refrigerator out, then grabbed his toolbox and walked out the front door without saying anything. Not even a minute later I walked towards front door and noticed his truck was gone. Service tech was not even in house 2 minutes, did not say a word other than expressing disgust and negativity through his body language and motions. He walked out and left without saying a word.

I’m 54 year sold, and have had my share of calling on service repair people over the years to the house. Have never had any problems, all good, but THIS experience with Appliance Servicenters Southeast Augusta GA this afternoon is by far the WORSE customer service experienced I have ever come across!

I DO NOT recommend Appliance Servicenters Southeast Augusta GA

There website: Appliance Servicenters Southeast Augusta GA

Quote from the “About” page:
“Founded as a family-owned and operated business in 1951, Appliance Service Centers continues to provide the same personalized level of service that our customers have appreciated for years. We established a reputation for quality, promptness and professionalism, and we don’t intend to provide our customers with anything less than that.”

Family owned?
“same personalized level of service that our customers have appreciated for years”????
“established a reputation for quality, promptness and professionalism”?????
Repairmans business card left behind, his name Walter E James from:

Appliance Service Centers Augusta GA

Appliance Servicenters Southeast Augusta GA

Piss poor attitude from shoving his business card in my face at the front door, 2 minutes in house, disrespectful, unprofessional and walks out front door without saying a word and drives off.

Updated: Service repairman for this company is listed on other directories AS THE OWNER!!!
Appliance Servicenters Southeast Address:
2417 Regency Blvd, Augusta, GA 30904

There website is titled “Appliance Service Center Augusta GA” business card left at house & on line directories show Appliance Servicenters Southeast.
Actually glad he did walk out, but shocked by his attitude from walking in the front door! For all I know he could of very well been very drunk!!
Found a review afterwards on Yahoo Local Business:
“ZERO STAR RATING!!! Do not use this service. I called this guy when my refridgerator went out. I should have known there was a problem when he said that he had no appointments for the day and it would cost 100.00 just to come and look. I tried to explain what was going on with my frigde and thats when he got extremely unprofessional and rude. As I tried to explain the issue he interrupts and says do ya want to get it fixed or not as if I had some other reason for calling. Needless to say I ended the call and chose another company. Yes he had some generic pre-made website that almost made him look professional, but he turned out to be so far from that.”
Yahoo Business Review Link
Called on Baileys Comfort Services Augusta GA the following day. Young man that came to house was very polite and professional and had the problem diagnosed in 2 minutes. Defrost heater was out on refrigerator, ice build up behind freezer rear wall panel. Repair price was very reasonable also. Ice defrosted, new defrost heater installed all working better than new in 30 minutes! Excellent service from Baileys Comfort Services Augusta GA. Definetely recommend Baileys Comfort Services!

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