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The Vivi Nova with 2.8-3.5ml capacity and replaceable/rebuildable coil vivi-nova-tankheads. If you’re a fan of the CE style cartomizers and want to get great capacity and the ability to rebuild your carto then this is the device for you. Purchase replacement heads or rebuild the ones you’ve got. Holding at least 3.5ml of eJuice the ViVi Nova will provide you the convenience of an all day vape with the introduction of screw-on replaceable coil heads that easily allow you to interchange between 1.8, 2.4 and 2.8ohms!

The Vivi Nova system allows you to disassemble all parts easily for SNAP cleaning, especially of the atomizer heads. Furthermore, the tanks are replaceable with various colored units here. The ViVi Nova utilizes the newer plastic which is virtually impervious to juice leaching. It features a sealed connector. Each piece of the assembly was manufactured from scratch specifically for the ViVi Nova project meaning all parts are specifically made for this assembly. The twist-on for the coil head is actually a 510 connection.
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Internet Reviews:
High reviews around the e cig review forums. High reviews from all the youtube videos I have watched. Many reviews I read from users talk about “it leaks”, and leaking e juice problems. Tanks is probably not screwed on correctly or straight.

My Review:
I PURCHASED this Vivi Nova e cig “clearomizer” advanced tank product at $12, on line with a few other items plus shipping. I have owned & used for 7 only days. When I first filled it with 3.0ml of e juice, wow, it was great!

NOW, when my e juice gets down to around the 2.3ml mark on tank, or halfway,,, “What The **&^#*….” Quality vape goes right down the “tubes”, meaning bad dry hits, burned taste. The upper wicks are drying out, not soaking up the e juice, not wet enough anymore. Tipping the tank & e cig over, swirling the juices around to soak the upper wicks, turning up like you are drinking from a bottle of coke gave me 2 seconds of decent hit and flavor. After that, dry hit, burn taste all the way. When using heavier vaporizer like a Vamo, this tipping to wet upper wicks constanly becomes a big hassle. Lowering volt/watts on a variable volt device, switching atomizers out did not help. You have to keep juice full or you end up contantly turuning your ecig device upside down or sideways to keep the upper wicks wet enough, OR shorten your vape to 2-3 seconds.

My e juice is 50/50, 18mg nicotine, 2.1 – 2.6 ohm coil. I experienced no leaks at all, so far as most complain about.

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** Update 3-4-2013 **

– If your using a variable volt / watts e cig, lowering volts or watts down does make a big difference.
– With any new coil head or installing a clean dry coil head, good it is a good idea to prime a dry coil. Pull that white rubber plug off and dropping 1 or 2 DROPS of e juice on the coil, put white rubber plug back on and let it sit for a few minutes so it can wick properly.

You still have to tip & swirl juices around to wet the upper wicks at times. The Vivi Nova did fine on a regular Ego style battery e cig, On a variable volt e cig try lowering the volts or wattage down and work your way up to find the “sweet spot”. With a Vamo V2, and a 2.5 ohm coil 4.5-6.0 watts does fine. If your using volts: 3.7-4.1 volts does a better job on the Vivi Nova.
The Spitfire tank I own does a much better job than the Vivi Nova tank for me. As most top feed clearomizers, you still have to “tip & swirl juice” but it does a much better job in vape & flavor.

My top e cig tank is still the Kanger MT3. Rebuildable, easy to clean product. The Kanger MT3 is a BOTTOM coil product, no “tipping or swirling e juice needed. Bottom liquid feed system, wicks always stay wet for a perfect vape. Very consistent vape and flavor all around. Kanger MT3 costs about $5-$6. Rebuidable type, replacement heads at about $2.50. Kanger MT3 tank is still my #1 e juice tank. Many complain about leaks & “gurgles” on the Kanger T3. The only time experience a “gurgle” is when juice gets extrememly low. The only time I get a slight leak on the Kanger MT3 is when I turn over to remove bottom to fill, some e juice I think comes off that center blow tube and leaks down the center. Nothing major though for me so far.
I do not work for, I am not endorsed by, I am not paid by or receive any discounts for the reviews I provided above. This is my honest experience and personal review of the Vivi Nova. With mentioning the Spitfire and Kanger MT3 tanks.

Vivi Nova Summary:

With a full tank of e juice, the Vivi Nova is great. At half tank or 2.3ml juice and below make sure to lower your volt or wattage setting down if using a variable volt e cig. And prime a dry coil with 1 or 2 drops of e juice directly on the wick and coil.

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Vivi Nova - E Cig TankAnother Tip: Avoid on line e juice vendor “The Vapor Room.”
My very first order, AND LAST order with them,, they botched up on me. Took 2 emails, spanning over a week and a final response on there Facebook page to receive a reply. The Vapor Room did not correct the problem which was mislabeling 2 of the e juice bottles, thus sending me wrong size than ordered. There reply after a week from first attempt to contact, “we have taken care of the problem, sorry for the error.” Meanwhile I have mis-labeled e juices in the wrong size bottles than what I ordered. The Vapor Room deleted my post comment on there Facebook page also. Nice one Vapor Room! Take customers money, send and label the bottles the way they want, send you wrong size PAID for bottles,, and to bad on the customer right? I’m old school, you know like maybe 20 years ago where the customer was the most important aspect of a business, followed by the employees.
I DO NOT, will not recommend The Vapor Room e juice vendor to anyone.
I have provided an honest review, and experience with the Vivi Nova. My better luck with CE4’s, Splitfire and Kanger MT3 e juice tanks. Many people ask me for recommendations in the business I do here locally. And “The Vapor Room” e juice vendor,, they are now on MY NON recommended, do not order from again list!
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Give “Tobacco Haze” or “Buds Blend” a try!


“Tobacco Haze”, tobacco flavored ejuice, I found from another review posted on ecig forum site. It ranked in the top 10 Tobacco ejuice flavor poll by member votes. It has become my #1 ejuice ever since I tried few month a ago from Mom & Pops Vapor Shop. The closest flavor that immulates, tastes like an actual cigarette! Tons of vapor, and good throat & nose hit to.

Mom & Pops Vapor Shop Tobacco Haze video review

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