E Cigs – Sign The FDA Petition To Ban Or Regulate….

E cig petiton cleared required signatures of 25,000 as of 2-6-2013, 6 days early in just a matter of 3 weeks! We need to keep signatures going till 2-13-2013. Need to send a stronger message, so make sure to register and sign this electronic cigarette petition.

Link: E Cigs – Sign The FDA Petition


“E-cigarettes and associated accessories and liquids are less hazardous than cigarettes and can reduce the risks of smoking. With the use of these devices millions have successfully reduced the use of cigarettes. Don’t let the FDA deny us access to these alternatives to smoking. Prevent the FDA from regulating or banning the sale and use of electronic cigarettes, accessories and associated liquids.
Healthier non smokers is not the FDA’s concern, money talks, and the big tobacco companies are not very happy having you healthier or about the e cig either. Regulating or banning the e cig because of the nicotine stimulant?? And the regular tobacco, tar filled, 2nd hand smoke threat and 4000+ poison filled smoke & tobacco is ok for sale??? Smoking tobacco cigarettes is responsible for 443,000 deaths, 49,400 from 2nd hand smoke every year.

If your a non smoker, or has family members that are smokers, and concern of 2nd hand smoke,,,
sign this petition.

The electronic cigarette is changing the lives of MANY smokers, families and non smokers. I quit smoking easily with the help of the “e cig”. And as it becomes more popular the tobacco companies are not happy at all about the e cig business. Regulation is ok, the “no sale” to minors needs to be enforced yes.
Just a quick tip: Avoid on line e juice vendor “The Vapor Room”, First order they botched up on me. Took 2 emails, spanning over a week and a final response on there Facebook page to reply. The Vapor Room did not correct the problem which was mislabeling 2 of the e juice bottles, thus sending me wrong size than ordered. All The Vapor Room did for me was delete my post comment on there Facebook page. Nice one Vapor Room! The Vapor Room must have to many customers that you can afford to piss off, and not return! Take customers money, send and label the bottles the way they want, send you wrong size PAID for bottles,, and to bad on the customer right? Oh well fool me once, never again!
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