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I quit smoking back in January very easily with the newer more advanced electronic cigarette.
Found a local ecig store here in Augusta GA.

“What is an electronic cigarette?
Ego E Cigarette Augusta GAThe newer electronic cigarette or “e cig” these days, is a rechargeable battery device that looks like a cigarette. Some are longer, like king cigarettes,and some are shorter. They come in different types, colors and designs just for you. All them work off a liquid cartridge or refillable liquid tank. The refillable ejuice / eliquid tank that goes on these ecigs have a heating coil, or a atomizer that fires, heats and turn the liquid to vapor that you inhale just like a regular tobacco cigarette. The ejuice has a specified amount of liquid nicotine in the liquid that you are now vaping.

You “vape” it like a normal cigarette, but it is not tobacco or smoke,, it is flavored VAPOR with nicotine. It is like smoking but WITHOUT the health risks to you or others as a regular normal cigarette contains. No odors, no tar, no tobacco, no yellow teeth, no stinky cloths or breathe, no ashtrays anymore, no burn holes, no 2nd hand smoke risk to friends & family members, NONE of the 4000+ poisonous chemicals that regular tobacco contains.”

I quit smoking back in January 2013 easily with the newer style refillable electronic cigarette. Luckily found a local store here in Augusta GA. (Full Article link Below) Re-Blogged From Affiliated Website

Ejuice Ecig

Mom & Pops Vapor Shop – 10% Off All E Liquids Using Code 10off

Give “Tobacco Haze” or “Buds Blend” a try!

“Tobacco Haze”, tobacco flavored ejuice, I found from another review posted on ecig forum site. It ranked in the top 10 Tobacco ejuice flavor poll by member votes. It has become my #1 ejuice ever since I tried few month a ago from Mom & Pops Vapor Shop. The closest flavor that immulates, tastes like an actual cigarette! Tons of vapor, and good throat & nose hit to.

Mom & Pops Vapor Shop Tobacco Haze video review

Full Article & Information Here
Vamo V2 APV E Cig – Basic Guide & Instructions

10 Things You Might Not Know About Nicotine

Best Tobacco EJuice Flavors – ECig – E Liquids

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2 thoughts on “Electronic Cigarette – Refillable ECig – EJuice Vapors – Augusta GA

  1. Lisa Muckenfuss July 26, 2014 at 11:01 pm Reply

    I’m new in the area. Been smoking the ecig for 9 months now. Where are you located? I’m looking for the flavor Fireball.

    • augustapcrepair July 26, 2014 at 11:22 pm Reply

      You must be mistaken, for I repair computers. I use ecigs, wrote an article or 2 about them, I don’t sell any ecig products.

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