iPad 2 Wifi Wireless Antenna Replacement – How To Guide

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“Removing the front panel touch panel glass digitizer on the Apple iPad 2 without ripping through the iPads 2 wifi antenna cable is extremely difficult Not to do. The Ipads 2 wireless antenna is attached to the backside of the touch screen digitizer by adhesive tape. Located on the right side between the iPads 2 “Home” button and right corner as if you are holding the iPad 2 in front of you. Removing the front glass touch screen digitizer, without tearing or ripping this cable is not easy, and it will happen if you are not very, very careful.

This quick guide is written from having the touch panel glass digitizer already off the iPad 2. As I did yesterday and ripped the damn cable…..!

The iPad 2 wifi cable component for the iPad 2 is very cheap, you can find on ebay for $2-$4 USA. So at that low cost it is a good idea to order one if you intend on repairing your front panel touch screen digitizer. Best yet keep a few extra around especially if you are doing these type repairs for customers.

Removing this cable is easy, but one end of the wifi cable runs under the iPads 2 logic board, as you will see in photos below. I thought the iPad 2 logic board was going to have to be removed, but there is a much easier way without having to remove the logic board.”

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iPad 2 Wifi Wireless Antenna


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