Microsoft Security Essentials bombs tests, loses AV-Test certificate

Well, well, well no real news here about Microsoft Security Essentials is there? I personally tried and tested Microsoft Security Essentials months ago on one my computers here, and uninstalled it after 2 weeks. And the reason was it would not update itself at least daily or even regularly. I’d leave the computer on for days and Microsoft Security Essentials would not check or auto update the virus definitions unless I manually updated it through the program. 4 days would go by with an old outdated def file, before I had to manually check for updates. It is critical that Anti Virus programs update AT LEAST once per day, better programs update multiple times a day which is ever better. Every once in a while MSE would auto update itself, but for the most part MSE would not, or did not auto update. Manual updates worked but would take forever to download and install……………….

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