Battlefield 3 – Game Optimization Settings – FPS Tweaks

How to squeeze out a few more FPS in Battlefield 3?
BF3 System requirements posted for the PC game here.

BF3 Target “Frames Per Second” = 60 Minimum Average
A higher frame rate produces smoother graphics. A low frame rate will appear laggy, chuggy, slow, choppy and can make a game unplayable as ingame actions take far too long to complete with far too few frames. Anything over 40 fps in Battlefield 3 I suppose is playable. FPS below 35 or will not run well. Maintaining an average 60 FPS is your goal for smooth game play. The other big factor in the quality of your game play, with any on line game is your internet connection.
And why “60 FPS” minimum for BF3?
To counter any low “dips” in FPS on high action areas and certain maps. Caspian Border for example.
Choppy, laggy game play with low FPS is not going help matters with BF3’s poor hit detection, your aim. Especially if your enemy is running at a very high FPS, very smooth game play. You might be struggling with choppy, laggy game play, YOU might see the enemy zipping or “teleporting” across the screen but he is not, he has a direct clean shot at you, for example.
How To Show FPS In BF3:
– Open the game console by hitting the “~” key (tilde, next #1 key)
– Type: render.drawfps 1
– Type: render.drawfps 0 (to turn Off)

Retail program called Fraps will show your FPS.

FREE program called MSI AfterBurner can show FPS (“OSD” – On Screen Display) also thru it’s settings and options panel. MSI AfterBurner is an overclocking, temperature monitoring utility with many other features including screenshots and recording game video. For Nvidia video cards and I believe a few AMD cards.
What factors determine “FPS” in pc gaming?
And at the top of the list, computer hardware. I believe in this order – cpu, followed by a good video graphics card and system ram. The CPU & GPU (graphics processing unit) go hand in hand. Your cpu speed is critical due to the fact it must be fast enough to keep up with your GPU. Investing in a high end GPU with a low end CPU or the opposite, will usually “bottleneck” the game performance, resulting in low FPS, choppy game play.

There are many other factors including your internet connection, how fine tune your operating system is, software and programs running that will ALL effect how smooth the game plays. When looking at a FPS problem, choppy game play it mainly comes down to hardware in your pc, your CPU & GPU. And a “good” cpu now, currently year after BF3’s release I’d have to say is at least a Quad Core CPU. Many changes and patches have come out since BF3’s original System Requirements were posted. Minimum System Requirements now can struggle playing the game smoothly.

Have been running BF3 on an AMD Quad CPU (specs – gameplay further down), I see a greater increase in FPS overclocking the CPU, than overclocking the GPU. Your CPU speed is just as important as a good video card for BF3.

If you are looking for a fix to BF3’s poor hit registration, your shots registering as hits, you need to talk to EA/Dice about that. 16 months later after BF3 release, EA/Dice have not listened have not fixed it. Poor hit reg has to do with “client side hit detection”, part of the poor net coding of the game by EA/Dice. Low FPS and choppy gameplay is not going to help you, or your aim. A player with the right pc hardware, high FPS, smooth gameplay and optimal ping will have the edge over you most of the time.

Updated Battlefield 3 Optimization Guide – Affiliated Website

Battlefield 4 Beta – PC Console Commands

Few tweaks, adjustments to your graphics card control panel, BF3’s in game video settings, and operating system listed below will squeeze out some more “FPS” out of Battlefield 3.

Check the action in the videos, BF3 is a very graphically advanced & cpu intensive game. Need a good pc with the recommended hardware with the “horsepower” to run BF3 smoothly.

Can You Run It?

Can your computer run that game? Check HERE.

This site will give you a fairly good idea how your current pc hardware can run BF3. Will provide you recommendations as to what pc hardware needs to be improved to run BF3 smoothly in your pc.

System Requirements Lab analyzes your computer hardware to see if you or how well you’ll run a specific game of choice from drop-down menu, in just seconds, and it’s FREE.”
Seems to work best using Internet Explorer for this test.
AMD Phenom x4 Quad Core 3.2 Ghz – GTX 560 – 16GB Ram
BF3 Optimization Tweaks

(Full system & FPS details further down mid page here)
BF3 PC System Requirements > posted here, went on line BEFORE the actual game was released. NOW, currently with the 4 expansion map packs added, NUMEROUS patches to the game, if your computer is just at, or below the minimum pc requirements, your pc,, and you will struggle real bad to play this game. You really need the at this point and time, as a starting level requirement (12-21-12) the Recommended System Requirements as a starting guide. Minimum system specs or below minimum, yes you might be able to install BF3, and start BF3,, actually playing without jerkiness, stuttering or lag will be trouble. Battlefield 3 is a very advanced game. Each added BF3 map pack, and certain maps are much more graphically & cpu intensive. Battlefield 3 multiplayer maps and gameplay action kills a dual core. You’ll need a quad core at least to make things smooth. Caspian Border for example is an FPS hog even on a good pc.

If your pc is not up to hardware specifications for Battlefield 3, your going to have real bad time trying run the game. There is no driver, settings tweak, resolution or magic fix that will give you the hardware power to properly run BF3, especially if your computer is at or under minimum requirements. The most you will see out of FPS settings tweaks mentioned below is maybe 10-20 fps which is all dependent on hardware components in your computer.


Download – Install The Newest Video Card Drivers

Battlefield 3

Check For Update & Download:
Nvidia GeForce Drivers
Geforce Optimize Analysis
Graphics Card Gaming Performance Calculator

“The latest drivers by Nvidia & AMD are optimized for the final release of Battlefield 3. AMD have also released a new preview driver 11.10 Version 3, which they say already includes updates for Battlefield 3. Update your drivers to gain a fps advantage over your opponents!”
Check For Update & Download:
AMD Video Card Drivers

If you are using Crossfire also install 11.9 CAP4 (Crossfire Application Profile):
11.9 CAP4 Crossfire Application Profile
When installing new video drivers, “CLEAN INSTALL” new drivers is very important!
Basically it is uninstalling ALL remnants of old video drivers, before installing the newest video drivers.

Use Driver Sweeper to clean out all old driver files. Follow directions on that Driver Sweeper link page to uninstall old Nvidia video driver & driver files.
My own persoanl experience with BF3 is mainly with Nvidia based video graphics card……………….

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Nvidia Control Panel:

With Nvidia video card, in Nvidia control panel set, in “3D Settings\ Adjust image settings with preview” set set level at mid range or lower on “Performance”.

Click on “Manage 3D Settings, Program Settings, Battlefield 3:

  • Anisotropic Filtering = App Controled
  • Antialiasing Mode = App Control
  • Thread Optimization – ON
  • Vertical Sync – Off
  • Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames – Change From default 3 to 2
  • Everything else at default settings In Nvidia Control Panel

BF3 Optimization FPS Tweaks

BattleField 3 In Game Video Settings:

  • Turn Off Motion Blur

If you do not have a dual core gpu, turn “Motion Blur” off. Good idea to turn this off anyway.

  • Turn HBOA settings Off
  • Turn MSAA to lower settings OR OFF completely.

MSAA is the culprit in everyone’s chugging fps issues. “The people who tested this game at Hard OCP noticed, with their settings on ultra, putting even 2x MSAA dropped their fps from 60 to about 30 on a single GPU card.”

  • “Shadows” set to Medium or Low
  • Textures – set to Medium or Low
  • Antialias Post – set to Medium or Low
  • Antialias Deferred – turn OFF
  • Lower in game screen resolution
  • Lower in game overall video settings

There are some sites around that show altering BF3 configuration files for these certain game tweaks, I would not recommend these “config file” tweaks, doing this you can be at risk for a global ban by Punkbuster for altering the game files.

When making any in game adjustments, you should quit BF3 and restart the game in order for the changes to be loaded. Although on line game play seems to be more intense, you can use BF3 single player campaign mode to experiment with settings.

If you have lowered all BF3 settings, including screen resolution and you are still stuttering with very lower frame rates, time look take a good look at your computer. Mainly it’s hardware, and how well the computer & operating system runs in general. Upgrading your computers hardware the cpu and video card might be needed. Especially if your pc is at or below the minimum, BF3 game pc hardware specifications. Then again, something in your operating system can cause low frame rates also – operating system (vista? 32 bit or 64 bit?), software running, anti virus scanning, startup programs, viruses, malware, internet connection, etc.

Updated Battlefield 3 Optimization Guide – Affiliated Website



General Computer Settings:

If you are running a decent good fps, but game is still choppy, chances are you have something else going on with the operating system or internet connection possibly. Any program or OS service using your cpu, or spiking a high memory usage during game play will effect your game play. For example virus scan, virus update, windows update starts while gaming. Your hardware, cpu or video card could be “bottlenecking” each other or a variety of other reasons also.

  • Turning windows “Aero” theme off to basic will provide a bit more video memory for Battlefield 3.

Windows 7, right click on desktop, “Personalize”, scroll down & choose a non “Basic & High Contrast Theme. On a Aero Theme, my video card shows 128MB video memory in use. Switching to a “Basic High Contrast theme, video card memory drops to 53mb used. That is idle at desktop.

  • If you are still running Vista,, I recommend you upgrade to Windows 7

Vista services, high memory usage and operating system in general struggles just to run the Vista operating system. Take advantage of using or upgrading to Windows 7 64 bit OS. This game is actually just as graphic intensive on your video card as your cpu also. It takes a decent cpu also to run this game well. Make sure your system is “tuned” for peak performance.


Operating System:

  • Limit your startup programs on your computer to bare minimum.

Run CMD, type MSCONFIG, Startup Tab….. uncheck and trim off non needed programs at startup. Do you need Skype, yahoo messenger, AOL messenger, iTunes, running automatically,,, nope,, disable them from starting up. All these misc startup programs use a chunk of your system memory, pc resources and some can be using a chunk of your connection bandwidth. Like auto updating while you are gaming on line.

  • Temporarily Disable Anti Virus Software While Gaming

If you anti virus begins updating or starts a system scan, both use processing power,, while your gaming, you will notice a big drop in game performance when this happens.

Better yet, personally speaking,, if you have Norton Anti Virus, Mcafee or even Webroot Spysweeper, find yourself another anti virus program. These 3 “bloated anti virus” programs are the WORST on dropping computer performance and speed. These 3 anti virus programs are very high memory, and high cpu programs. Just running the average computer is a struggle at times with any of these 3 anti virus programs on your computer. And trying to play BF3 with any of these 3 (Norton, Mcafee or Webroot) anti virus vendors, you can basically forget about that. You can try and disable the “real time protection” on any of these 3 anti virus vendors while you play, not sure if it will help or not.

Any operating system service or program that begins cycling, cutting into your cpu performance, while gaming you will definitely know it. You can expect a big FPS drop while it is happening.
Eset Nod32 AntiVirus 5 I have been using now for the last year and a half, great overall protection with NO performance issues at all. It is not “bloated” with alot of crap and services, it’s strictly a great anti virus security program. Eset Nod32 AntiVirus 5 has a “gamer mode”, what that is, Eset Nod automatically detects when your games are being played and automatically shuts down “notifications, update checks, and scans while you are playing, automatically activates the program features when you exit the game.
BF3 Optimization FPS Tweaks

  • Windows Services – “Windows Search”, uses a high amount of memory. How often do you search for files on your computer? Is your background wallpaper a slideshow in Windows 7? Turning “Windows Search” off will disable the slideshow. You can safely turn this service off & back on if needed. Control Panel > Administrative Services > scroll down and look for “Windows Search”, double click and set from Auto to Disable, look towards upper left side of screen “Stop” the service.
  • Keep your computer virus, malware, spyware free

Periodically use on demand scanners like Malwarebytes Anti Malware to scan your computer. Spybot Search & Destroy, another good scanner. Install, update and scan your computer, remove anything it finds when scans ends. These “nasties” all use cpu processing power, bandwith and can interfere drastically with your internet connection.

  • Defrag Your Hard Drive Often
  • Reboot Your Computer Often

For those who keep computer on 24/7, it does best IF you reboot it periodically, yes.

Your computer setup, areas mentioned above are important in just how well BF3 will run on your pc.


Internet Connection:

Your internet connection has a big factor also on how well BF3 or any on line game runs. You can have the best computer game system out there, if you internet connection is not up to performance, speed, speed drops and fluctuates etc this will give you “lag” and disconnects. Wireless connection even in home, with router close by can fluctuate and drop out at times. Other people in house downloading big files or streaming movies will have a big drop in connection, and game performance. Reboot your cable modem and or wireless router periodically, daily.

  • Important to find & choose a low ping server will help also.

If you are actually running Fraps (on screen FPS display) through out the game,, Fraps will actually lower your FPS while running. So just use it to tweak your video game settings, check average FPS, and turn Fraps off, you should see a boost after exiting Fraps.

MSI Afterburner is a video graphics card overclocking and monitoring program, this will also give you on screen “FPS” display with tweaking the settings within the program.

40-50 FPS I suppose is playable. Your target FPS average goal should be at least 60. With certain maps, BF3 action and field of view will cause FPS to increase and drop at times. If you are playing with a average 40 FPS for example and is is running ok, then you hit a certain part of the map, OR field of view with alot of action going on, you’ll dip down in FPS which will casue a functional 40 FPS to stutter & lag for a few seconds or longer. 60 FPS or better is the target goal, which gives you the room for slight FPS drops (45, 50 for example) and still play smooth.
BF3’s Close Quarters Cleverly Done To “Saints & Soldiers Airborne Creed” SoundTrack


PC Built Just Before BF3 Game Release:

Only posting my current system as a guide for you folks reading……

AMD Phenom II X4 Quad Core 955 Black Edition 3.2 Ghz (Stock Speed)
Cooler Master Hyper 212+ DC Heatsink, Dual Push – Pull 120mm Fans
ASUS Matrix Geforce GTX 560 (Fermi) 1 GB DDR5 Ram
ASUS M5A97 EVO AMD Motherboard
COOLER MASTER GX PSU, 52 Amps 12 Volt Rail
– Windows 7 Premium 64 Bit
– 500 GB Sata Hard Drive (Had This On Hand)
– 120mm Fans – 5 (2 Top Exhaust, 1 Rear Exhaust, 2 Intake)
– 140mm Yate Loon Intake Side Panel Fan – 1
– Fan Controler
8 GB G. Skill Ripjaws X Series DDR3 1333 Memory (2-20-12 Upgraded To Full 16GB)
Cooler Master CM690 Case
Eset Nod32 AntiVirus 6
Asus GTX 560 1GB GDDR5 – Battlefield 3 Performance

The System Build Above – AMD Phenom 955 Quad Core / ASUS GTX 560:
Can You Run It – AMD Quad Phenom 955 BF3 score graph below:
BF3 Optimization Tweaks
“Congratulations, your system passes the Recommended requirements! You should have a great experience running this product.”
BF3 Ultra Settings – 24″ 1920×1080 HD LCD – With Tweaks Mentioned Above:
60-80 FPS – Averages 65-75 Range, with low FPS dipping to 53-58
All BF3 Ultra Settings Enabled – No Tweaks – All Ultra Settings:
50-75 FPS – Averages 55-70 Range (VSync Off)
BF3 High Settings – 24″ 1920×1080 HD LCD – With Tweaks Mentioned Above:
68 – 110 FPS – Averages 75-95 Range
All BF3 High Settings Enabled – No Tweaks – All High Settings:
60-85 FPS – Averages 70-80 Range (VSync Off)
Overclocking this AMD 3.2 GHZ to 3.9 GHZ adds about 8-11 FPS on the above numbers.

Overclocking the GTX 560 alone adds only about 5 FPS

Overclocking both CPU & GPU adds 10-12 FPS

I run BF3 on all High game settings, non overclocked hardware. I ran a few months on full “Ultra” settings, (with tweaks above) then bumped down to “High” settings, did not really see any graphics difference between Ultra & High. High settings looked great, with high frame rates of 70-110 FPS.
HP G60 Overheating
The AMD Phenom Quad Core 3.2 system above was built at around $700 back in August 2011. The cooling fans, sata hard drive, dvd burner, cables I had on hand from another computer. Upgraded to full 16 Gb memory about 5 months after, and the 24″ HD monitor was added about 6 months after, was running a a 19″ flat panel.

AMD Quad 3.2 Ghz core above runs Battlefield 3 on BF3′s in game High & Ultra Settings very smooth, no lag or stuttering at all on the 24″ 1920 x 1080p resolution monitor. I truly believe the 3.2 Quad core makes a difference in game play, and performance. This AMD Phenom 955 Black Edition can overclock stable here (during cooler winter Months) up to 4.1 Ghz. Warmer summer months 3.8 keeping temperatures within good range. I have no need to overclock, the pc’s stock cpu speed of 3.2 runs BF3 very smooth. When I did overclock, I see a greater increase in FPS when I overclocked to CPU, rather than the video card. And almost the same, 8-10 FPS increase when I overclocked both cpu & video card.

Other than a slight FPS change between Ultra & High video game settings, I really do not notice any quality difference myself. So I have been running on high game settings, with Nvidia panel set in the middle between “Performance & Quality”. Setup above runs BF3 very well with no “hiccup” no stutter, no video lag at all. High in game settings, with the only adjustments of: Motion Blur off, HBOA settings Off and MSAA on medium

I definitely recommend a Quad Core cpu for Battlefield 3 though. Intel or AMD that is up to you, and what your budget is at. The AMD Quad core for the money does a fine job on BF3, I’m quite surprised myself especially running a 24″ HD 1920 x 1080p game resolution. Others say you need a 2GB video memory card to run HD screen resolution,, I’m having no problem (VSync Off) at all with current setup. The base GTX 560 is a 1 GB card, does a surprisingly fine job, I think mainly due to the Quad Core 3.2 Ghz cpu I have running with it. With no need to overclock the cpu at all.
And “Can You Run It” BF3 score on a ASUS G53JW-A1 Gaming Laptop Below:
ASUS G53JW ROG Laptop 1.7 – 3.0 Ghz Quad Intel i7, 8 GB Ram, GTX 460 Video Card 1.5 Video Ram

Have never played BF3 on the Asus G53JW ROG laptop, only use the desktop for that.
You don’t really need a $1500-$2000+ computer to run this game. Intel i5 or i7, your choice, your budget. This game does take some “horsepower” or a good system to run well though. Quad core, 4GB ram minimum, and a decent video card runs BF3 amazingly!

12-29-12 – AMD Phenom x4 Quad Core 965 Black Edition 3.4 Ghz is now only $99.99 currently on Newegg, the ASUS GTX 560 card now only $139.99 after rebate, and 8 GB ram NOW only about $45. Now, of course there are much better, more powerful video cards out there today, and expensive. So if you are on a budget, trust me the setup I currently have runs BF3 well over 60+ FPS on Ultra and more on High. The Asus GTX 560 is a great card. Over a year old, came out few months before BF3′s release date. If your on a budget, the GTX 560 is the way to go. If you have the money to spend then go for something newer in the $250 above range I suppose.

GTX 560 maxs out at 70-72 celsius running BF3 during the summer months, 66-68 winter. Idle card temp of 32-35 celsius summer time, 26-31 winter. The Asus video card is a “Direct Contact” card, it’s heatsink tubes make direct contact with the graphics chip for improved heat transfer and cooling, with dual built in fans. If you are on a budget, the Asus Asus GTX 560 is a great video card.

Core Clock on the Asus GTX 560 is 850, highest I have been able to overclock, push the card is at 968 core. No need really to overclock, BF3 has ran fine at card stock speeds.


Battlefield 3: The Game

My BattleLog ID: SledgeHammer1945
(Have not played since 10-24-12)
With a good pc meeting recommended requirements, the Graphics and Audio are amazing!
The game IS NOT new player friendly at all! Very team based, you cannot lone wolf in this game. Join a squad within the game, and work as a squad & team to achieve the objectives.

– Origin, needed for game play, is bad news filled with problems ( I personally have had none but MANY are still having major problems trying to play)

– The Campaign is short, repetitious over and over again… not really worth the price of game at all.

– Coop Play – 2 Player Mode only, and only through Origin/Battle Log servers which is browser based. Coop is not bad at all. Worth the price… N0!

Squad Teamwork:

Multiplayer / On Line Play: this is where the real action is at. But for new players at this game, and even experienced fps players you’ll become very frustrated & discouraged very quickly. 12 months later, numerous game patches, major game problems and “glitches” still have not been fixed. On line play is very teamed based, and the one goal for your team top win! I recommend you turn in game chat off, and just play the game. Do not “lone wolf”, play the objectives.
Local network play.. NO, none totally ridiculous if you ask me. No way for a small group of friends to play at same experience level at all. Your fed to the wolves from the start, especially now 14 months after game release. Basically if you cannot get a head shot, you’ll empty an entire mag into the enemies body trying to put him down. There is basically NO cover in this game, everything is destructible basically. On the PC, you cannot create your own server, you must pay & rent a server. You can have friends join you, and squad up on a server if open slots are available. The servers must be rented, paid through authorized hosting services. 16 slot server approximate cost $21-$25 per month
Hit Detection with on line multiplayer is TERRIBLE!
The worst I, and many, many others in the forums have experienced in ANY FPS (first person shooter) game.
It is so frustrating, and it is so bad it ruins the on line multiplayer game! Does not matter if have a $2000 computer, does not matter if you play on the lowest ping server, or have a good solid internet connection the lag or latency in the network and actual hits registering is pathetic!
HIT DETECTION I am talking about here is:
You snap out real quick and fire a shot at the enemy, you quickly duck back behind cover, and even run back down the opposite way reloading, and you take several hits AFTER quickly ducking back, you die. Kill cam shows the attacker in the same position you were firing at. Which is up a stair case around a corner and now thru 2 of the corner walls you popped out from! I’m talking about several steps back from that corner you snapped out from! Not from a RPG, not from a heavy machine gun, but a pistol or light assault rifle! Also happens when behind huge boulders In Caspian Border map. It is as if the game sees you still out from cover, but the hits register on you 3-5 seconds later after you ducked back in and turned a second corner. It seems to ALWAYS happen with a sniper firing at you, if he gets one shot on you, and you duck down well behind cover, you can expect 3 more hits on you, 5 seconds after you ducked behind cover. How can you play a game like this? I also understand half of my kills are happening the same way to.

Hit Detection, they say is “client side” hit detection or registering of the actual gun hit…….. what ever you want to call it, it is a complete failure by EA!
In Game Voice….? – Nope, not for the PC unless you use Teamspeak, Mumble, or similiar.
My suggestion that has made the game so much more enjoyable is rent a Teamspeak or Mumble voice server, it will definitely make a difference, and make gaming much better with a few friends. I had a 20 slot Mumble voice server, the cost was only $4.95 USA per month, 10 slots rented for $3.00 per month. Game play will improve with the right friends & squad communication, and makes gaming more enjoyable. When I ran the BF3 server, and platoon, voice com was open to anyone (general public) wanting to join, but we sometimes attracted on the Mumble voice channel the “whiners”, kids, hacker cries etc,, we were able to ban, mute or password the channel to keep these type gamers out of the voice com channel. It is not the type “voice” team squad chat I or others wanted to hear constantly. We preferred keeping the Mumble voice channel open for calling locations, positions, enemy positions, calling kill cam positons out etc,,, strictly for good gaming experience.
On Line Battelog & Origin Forums: completely out of control, total joke if you want my opinion. My advice stay away from the origin or EA BF3 forums, and don’t dare post anything like a question unless you are prepared to be blasted by all. The forums are of no help what so ever. Filled with nothing but ego loaded players that talk trash and whine about everything. I’d say maybe 25% of the on line gamers are good people, good players and willing to help you and back you up. The other 75% are nothing trash talking whiners that will do anything to get, and keep the upper hand on you.

And all you players whining about “Campers”. True “campers” are easy kills in BF3. Instead of complaining, whining, crying about “campers” you need to sharpen your playing skills, learn the map, communicate to squad mates, use your kill cam and take that “camper” out. Or go back to playing Quake. If I get shot in the back from the enemy defending a position, “camped” in a corner, that is my fault for not checking the room, all corners, all positions before moving in. And you can count on me, or communicating your location to squad mates on voice, we will be coming right back into same location looking for you. BF3’s kill cam shows me your location, if you are truly “camping” in one spot or area, you better be moving real fast. All experienced players welcome players that “camp” in one spot, easy kills next time around, easy points, easy KDR increase in BF3.

Cheaters, Hackers, Exploiters. They seem to go in spurts or hit the servers that are non protected by active admins. I have gone months without seeing an obvious cheater, then next thing, I’ll be running into them everyday. Try to play on servers that have good active Admins.

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MY Game Advice:

Assault Class:, part of your kit is medic packs, and eventually the “defibrillator”.
DROP these medic packs at your feet AND team or Squad mates feet, this will replenish there health when hit, and your health much quicker, AND will earn YOU 20 points for any team mate that crosses over YOUR MED pack to heal there health. You receive points for healing them.
Defibrillator: use to revive fallen squad mates or teammates when you can, helps your squad, team, and also earns you 100 points for each revive. And might keep you alive, by keeping your squad and teammates alive to! It also takes a death away, adds a ticket back to teams score.
Support Class: DROP AMMO!!!!!
Support Class has a supply of Ammo packs, you need to keep not only you, BUT YOUR TEAM SUPPLIED WITH AMMO!! They run out of ammo there in trouble, and you will be next. If support class and you have a teammate standing right at your face, jumping up & down, shooting you or at your feet… DROP AMMO BOX!!!! He most likely is in need of AMMO, DROP IT! Each player will show a small classification above there heads in game, they see your “support class” they need ammo, they are coming to you. Don’t wait for them to ask, just drop ammo boxes all the time near or on them.

On some maps you can really help your team, squad by dropping medic packs, ammo packs, and reviving down players, and earn a ton of points.

Cannot tell you how many times, I have ran low or out of ammo, and I’m standing dead square in the face of a support class teammate, jumping up and down, knifing him in face to try and get his attention to drop AMMO. Then I’m running around trying to pick up another weapon.

– SQUAD UP within the game (Squad Tab), look for an opening, click join.

– Spawn in on your squad mates when possible, stick with them. Watch how they play, move and cover there backs,, AND: Every time I spawn in on my squad I immediately drop either a medic pack or ammo box at there feet. Depending on what class I am.
“Spotting”: Very important for you to learn how to do this, and do it all the time.
On pc, quickly tap “Q” on keyboard quickly”, once enemy spotted fire when possible. You have now “spotted” the enemy for your entire team to see. This enemy “spot” puts a red flag so to speak above enemies head, your entire team will see this easily IF he stays out from cover. If a teammate makes the kill on a “spotted enemy” by you, you get a few points for the “spot”. MY “ring finger” constantly hovers the “Q” on PC keyboard. I can scan an area left to right, up down, while quickly tapping “Q”, and I can bring up many enemy “spots” that I did not see, and now the entire team, squad can see them, and where they are at. If you are killed by this spotted enemy, good chance another teammate might knock this enemy off by your spot, and revive you back next. “SPOTTING” is Very important, and helps you AND YOUR team greatly!

Just Q’ing, “Q” spotting” an area can bring up, spot enemies ahead of you that you cannot see. Works great when the other team or your team has “smoked’ the area. Q spotting will pick up enemies thru the smoke screen also. A “Q” spot is only 10 points if another teamate makes the “spot” kill, trust me I have had rounds with over 1000 points in the “Q” spotting. I have “lit up” an entire area with one “Q” tap “spot”, of 10-15 enemy soldier locations. If the enemy is grouped together they will all light up a couple “Q” spot taps. Aim at the red spot marker just above there heads, you’ll get the head shot easily.

– Single shot or burst fire at medium to long range. Pull back on your mouse a bit to counter the upwards motion of the guns recoil. Learn bullet drop at longer ranges. Lead your enemy at medium to long range.

– Get familiar with one or 2 maps first. Learn the flow of the map, and objectives. Stick with your squad and team.

– Learn how to use the Mini Map to your advantage. When an enemy fires he will show up on Mini Map for a few seconds, IF his weapon is not suppressed or using a flash suppressor.
Took a bit getting use to but I leave the mini map open large on screen 75% of the time. (Remember I’m using a 24″ flat panel)
Change Class when situation calls for it.


Battlefield 3 Overall Impression:

– Amazing Graphics and Audio!
– Many had and still having major crashes with the game. Most likely there pc.
– Many bugs, glitches and problems still
– On Line Hit Detection = Very Bad
– On line play is not new player friendly, even for experienced FPS players.
– Could of been “Game Of The Year”, but EA failed big time, with lack of support and numerous bugs, glitches. Amazing game I understand and expect few things not to be perfect, but what I have seen, and experienced over the last 14 months now….. EA created the hype and got there money.
Can be a great game if they actually finish developing it, fine tuning and correcting all the problems, glitches and game play.


10-24-12 I believe was my last and final game, have not played since (now 1-10-13). Good time playing the game for the most part, you learn to deal with the game glitches and all. But, it is time to move on. Became tired of the on line gamers in general. Something about BF3 that brings the worst out in a good majority of players trying to play. Had alot of fun met and played with a few good people, and good players especially using Mumble voice. To far out of it to get my game and aim back.

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5 thoughts on “Battlefield 3 – Game Optimization Settings – FPS Tweaks

  1. טכנאי מחשבים May 23, 2012 at 1:43 pm Reply

    wow u the best good one!

  2. augustapcrepair December 25, 2012 at 3:11 am Reply

    Thank you!

  3. augustapcrepair January 6, 2013 at 4:53 am Reply

    16,600+ views and only one comment, wow!

  4. Soulfly June 24, 2013 at 7:48 am Reply

    This guide acctually made my game run smoother not perfect but now its acceptable to play! Im very greatfull for your effort thank you very mutch! Alot of ++++++++ Ty again :)!

  5. powerj4ck June 28, 2013 at 4:42 am Reply

    meh, a lot of those settings dont need to be set so low. like AA Post barely affects fps. You shouldve gone more into detail in how much of a hit certain settings will cause on your overall FPS, and set them accordingly. here’s my tip; go in-game / join a map alone (ex: kharg isle) look at a part of the map that has a constant low frame-rate value(middle of kharg island) / then test each setting and see what kind of hit it takes on your fps (some settings like effects detail’ can be tested by rpg’ing a distant wall or in a chopper thats low to the ground and causing destruction). but yeah, good overall tips. ty

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