HP Pavilion DV6000 | DV9000 Laptop Motherboard Video Repair

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HP dv6000 repair

HP dv6000 GPU Repair

Power lights, media bar lights but no display? Black Screen?
Black Screen when tested with an external monitor?

A very, very common failure in these HP DV Series laptops! They were built by HP with a well known cooling design defect.
1 – HP & Nvidia manufacturing cooling/overheat defect.
2 – Lack of preventive maintenance & proper use by the owner.
More to the explanation of the problem near bottom of page.

HP Overheated GPU Failure Symptoms:

– Power lights on, media bar lights on, no display, black screen.
– Power lights on, media bar lights flash on & off, no display, black screen.
– Power lights on, media bar lights flash on & off, laptop beeps, no display, black screen.
– Power lights flash and laptop turns right off.
– Laptop Turns On, Boots Up, But Randomly Turns Off – Overheating

Dell M5030 Laptop Fan
YES THAT IS Dust & Debris Blocking the Heat Exhaust On A HP DV9000 Laptop! >>>>>>

HP & Nvidia Fault Defect:
It is well known thorough out the entire HP “DV Series” Laptops, for they all fail the same way – BLACK SCREEN, NO DISPLAY

– Lack of preventive internal cleaning
– Poor quality, poorly applied thermal compound on the CPU
– HP’s use of a Thermal PAD on the graphics chip
– Nvidia Graphics Chip, hot chip and the use of lead based solder balls under the chip become brittle with heat overtime.

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Known Defect In Manufacturing By HP – Nvidia:

HP & NVIDIA Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

HP dv9700 Stock HeatsinkHP used very poor quality thermal paste on the cpu. This poor quality thermal paste breaks down overtime which will cause higher temperatures. When the internal exhaust begins to accumulate dust, or the heatsink exhaust becomes fully blocked, temperatures increase even more. The video graphics chip sits close by the cpu and the now blocked exhaust fan. Very close to the excessive heat buildup. HP used a thermal pad on the GPU, and a poor quality solder grid under this graphics chip. The thermal does not push down on this chip, the heat becomes so intense it actually begins to melt the solder under this graphics chip. This graphics slowly begins to lift itself off the motherboard due to the heat. If the graphics chips rises up enough and breaks it’s connection with the motherboard………… you now have no display on the screen OR external monitor.

Over 70 celsius is to hot, 80+ celsius IS overheating and usually automatic shutdown temperature in most laptops. Few of these HP laptops that came in still operating where running at 100++ celsius with a fan running like a jet engine trying to cool the laptop down! After the above repair, 40-50 celsius, maximum under full load 64 celsius.

Part of the overheat problem is users enviroment that laptop is used in AND users lack of preventive maintenance.

HP Pavilion DV6000 | DV9000When I say “lack of preventive maintenance”, blowing out the intake and exhaust vents periodically might of prevented the heavy dust blockage inside, keeping your desk wiped off and dust free, not using laptop on a bed or blanket etc.

Or installing a temperature monitoring program on the laptop to monitor the temps, cleaning your self or taking the laptop in for service cleaning BEFORE a major problem develops.

When is the last time you backed up your critical data on your laptop? Do you do it regularly? You should, hard drives in laptops fail at a high rate. Hard drives do not like HEAT, hard drives do not like to be bumped or do well with any sudden drops. Blue screens, slow computer can be caused all sorts of problems, and one is a failing hard drive.

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On a few of these HP dv6000 and HP dv9000 models after repairing the GPU, and modifying the cooling system. Laptop booted up with display again, and now looking at a hard drive failure message on the screen. Or an extremely slow boot up, and I run test on hard drive and it is showing errors and failing.

This dust blockage inside happens WITH ALL laptops, not just HP laptops. Heat is the main reason for the high failure rate on ALL laptops.

UPDATED Article 5-15-13

Lightspeeds PC Repair no longer performs the repair on these HP laptops with this main hardware failure defect. The repair most of time time ended up being a temporary fix, some lasted forever, some failed the same way a few months later. Therefore, we no longer repair the video graphics hardware failure on these HP models. Replacement motherboards for laptops are hard to find, very expensive and this one by HP will have the same hardware defect by HP. Get a new laptop and NOT HP!
WE CAN prevent the failure from happening, But once the overheat failure happens, it is time for a new laptop – computer.
Get The Laptops Internal Cooling System Cleaned & Serviced BEFORE It Is To Late!


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