Dell Inspiron N4010 LCD Screen Replacement Guide – How To

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How to change screen on a Dell Inspiron N4010 Laptop?

Dell Inspiron N4010

Dell Inspiron N4010 LCD

This model is very easy to change the lcd screen.
Laptop does not have to be dis-assembled on this model.

Type Screen: 40 Pin “LED” (Not CCFL)
Power Inverter: None
Screen Size: 14″
Part# LP140WH1 TL C6 (LG Display)
Screen Cost Approximately $70-$95

– Unplug laptop, remove main battery.

– Open laptop screen all the way, open.
First off, this is a guide and by no means does Lightspeeds Computer Repair take any responsibility in the dis-assembly of your equipment by this guide & photos, and you damaging the equipment. Dis-assemble, re-assemble at your own risk.
LCD “Bezel”: is the black plastic trim around the inside of screen as if your looking at the screen, with laptop open. There are no screws holding this lcd bezel in place, just snaps off & on by inside clips in the lid frame & bezel.

– Starting from one side of the screen, grab the inside plastic lcd black bezel, closest to the screen, get a few fingers under it (from screen side) and slowly pull up & towards you until the bezel pops loose. Work your way up to the top corner. Do the same across the top part of screen. Then work your way back down to the bottom near hinges. Get your fingers under the bottom middle where the Dell logo is at, pull back slowly until it pops loose. You might feel some resistance here from the plastic clips inside and sticky tape Dell used in this bottom area. Once you feel it pop loose, you know how the rest comes off. Remove bezel from lcd screen.

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LCD bezel should now be off the LCD screen & casing.

Dell Inspiron N4010

Dell Inspiron N4010 Bezel Removed

– Remove 6 screw on the hinges & lcd top corner brackets.
3 screws on each hinge, take a look at them. The 2 outer screws, hold the lcd side bracket that runs up to top corner screw. Removed the 1 outer & middle screw, do the same for the other side. Remove the screw in top corner (hold the screen at this point), especially when removing the last top corner screw on opposite side. The screen is now partially free to come out.
Dell Inspiron N4010

Dell Inspiron N4010

– From the top part of screen, slowly pull the screen towards you, as if you are removing screen from casing,, slowly. For there are 2 cables attached to back of this screen. Take a look behind as you start to pull top of screen out. 1 grey cable runs to the web cam, leave this end attached to web cam,, follow this cable to back bottom of screen, it is only held in place by sticky tape, near bottom of back of screen. Reach down and slowly pry, or pull up on the bottom screen area of this grey web cam cable. Once this web cam cable is free, you can then lay screen down on keyboard.

Dell Inspiron N4010

Dell Inspiron N4010

– With the lcd screen now out of casing, laying on keyboard, you’ll see one cable connecting this screen. This is the lcd video communication cable. Take a good look at it, real close. They have clear plastic tape securing this connection. Peel this tape slowly up past the actual lcd connection. DO NOT just pull this video cable off, for you might rip the internal wires loose in this cable connector.
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Dell N4010

Dell N4010

With both thumbs/fingernails grab the area just above the grey cable material area near this connection, and slowly pull or “wiggle” this connector straight back (not up!), straight back. Do it slowly,, you will start to see this video cable disconnect until you have it free. Be careful with this video cable! Once this cable is off, the screen is now free to be fully removed from laptop.
With the above mentioned, screen was removed in about 5-10 minutes.

Dell N4010

Dell N4010

After removing the screen there are 3 small screws on each side of the screen (6 total) that attaches the LCD side brackets onto the LCD screen,, remove these screws, and side LCD brackets. New screen is now ready to be installed into these side LCD brackets, and back into laptop.
Reverse procedure above to install new lcd screen.
Be careful attaching the video cable, do not put any pressure on the new lcd screen, especially near that connector. When lines up right, the video cable just pushes or connects straight into the connector. Re-tape to secure connection. Once the video cable is attached to new screen, you can power laptop on just to make sure all is well before fully assembling the display.
Dell Inspiron N4010

Dell Inspiron N4010

Put screen into LCD casing, 2 screws back into both hinge corners (4 total) near bottom, and 2 at top corners of LCD.

Lay LCD screen bezel on screen in place, start at bottom and snap in place, pushing down where rear lid plastic and bezel joins, work your way up either side and across the top, bezel should snap right back in place.
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Dell Inspiron N4010 LCD Screen Replacement Guide


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