ASUS G53JW Video Driver Update Problem – How To

ASUS G53 Video Driver

ASUS G53 Video Driver

Have read of others having problems updating the Nvidia Video driver on this model. And I to had the same problem. “Compatible Hardware Not Found” driver install failed. I uninstalled the old driver first and ran into this problem trying to install the driver. I created a System Restore point before uninstalling the old driver in preparation for the new driver, but it seems uninstalling the old driver caused the new driver not to install.

This is the usual way to do this, uninstall the old before installing new, but not in this case. With creating the system restore point before attempting this, I as able to revert or restore the system back to the older driver that I just removed. Once I did this, I was now able to install the new driver “over the top” of the old driver without any problems.


Windows 7 System Restore Point

Create a System Restore Point
Before Installing Anything Major On the System:

Windows 7, start menu, right click on “Computer”, “Properties”, “System Protection” – (top left side), click on OS “C” drive, clcik on “Create” – date it and label it anything you want. System Restore Point now created.

The Asus G53JW-A1 has a Nvidia Gefore GTX 460m video graphics card. “M” is for mobile or notebook. The laptop is also Windows 7 64 bit operating system. So when you go to Nvidia’s website, Support and Download section this is what you need to look for: Nvidia Geforce GTX 400M series, GTX 460M & Windows 7 64 bit operating system. Make sure you choose the “M” version of the GTX 460 driver and for Windows 7 64 bit OS. The one without the “M” on Nvidia’s site is the desktop version of the graphics card,,, this will not work or install on a laptop.

Current Nvidia Driver version as of 11-26-11 is Nvidia 285.62 WHQL
Geforce Drivers Link
Nvidia Driver 285.62

Make sure to choose 32 or 64 bit based on your operating system AND choose “m” for mobile/notebooks.

Save the file to a location on the laptop.
Then double click and install the file, file will self extract and installation will follow automatically, just follow the prompts. Reboot, your set to go.

Try installing the driver update without uninstalling the old driver, it worked for me.

In the past it was always good practice to unistall the old, before installing or updating to the newer to prevent any problems with possible mixing. Uninstalling the old in this case, prevented Nvidia’s updated install from installing, seemed as though it could not actually detect the graphics card hardware,, thus the updated driver install could not complete.

– Create a system restore point first
– Download & save the correct driver
– Install the new video driver, WITHOUT removing the older one

After this initial post I have not had any other problems with “Clean Installing” new video drivers on this laptop. Meaning uninstalling clean, the old drivers then installing the new drivers

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