ASUS G53 G53JW DC Power Jack | DC Power Port = $9.95 USA

ASUS G53 Series DC Jack

ASUS G53 Series DC Jack

The ASUS G53JW has a very fragile dc jack, ASUS’s power cord is a tight fit on the jack, the power cord is heavy duty & stiff making it very easy to snap & damage the important DC Power Jack on the laptop. Have read in the ASUS ROG forum, and many others about MANY breaking the dc jack on these ROG laptops.
Center pin breaks off and comes out stuck in power cord. With a broken dc power jack, your expensive laptop investment will not power up, or charge the battery. Hard to find item, well I found a supplier and now have a stock on this part for the ASUS G53 series laptops.
I own a ASUS G53JW-A1 ROG laptop, now 20 months old, have had no problem. But I had a 2.5mm right angle adapter for power cord plug, before the laptop arrived. This right angled adapter is not so tight on the laptops dc jack, goes on & comes off wth ease, no force. Opposed to the Asus cord jack plug, it is a very tight fit and takes some pressure to insert. This right angle adapter angles the cord straight towards the back of laptop, instead of sticking straight out the side of laptop. But it is still (DC Power Jack) a very fragile poor design in ALL Windows based laptops.

ASUS G53JW DC Jack – Shipping Included Listed In On Line Store Here:
ASUS G53 G53JW DC Power Jack = $6.95 From USA!

1 – Brand New ASUS G53 Series DC Power Jack

ASUS G53 ROG Models:

ASUS G53 DC Power Jack

ASUS G53 DC Power Jack

Center Pin Diameter: 2.5mm
(3 pins On Back)

Item Quantity = 1

As always check the dc jack pin configuration on old damaged jack, to these photos.

ASUS G53 G53JW DC Power Jack = $6.95 USA
You will also need one of these for the ASUS G53JW-A1: 5.5×2.5mm Right Angled Adapter

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ASUS G53 G53JW DC Power Jack


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