Dell Inspiron 1525 / 1526 Plugged In Not Charging – Solved!

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Like Us On Facebook!Dell Inspiron 1525 not charging battery anymore?

But runs on power cord fine?
Age of the laptops battery?
If your Dell 1525 does not operate on the power cord, either your power cord is at fault Or the internal dc jack connector could be broken completely.

Dell Inspiron 1525

Defective Dell Inspiron 1525 DC Jack Board

Have seen numerous Dell 1525 and model 1526 come here with the battery not charging, but powers on fine by the cord.
On the Dell Inspirons 1525 & 1526 models that I have seen and repaired if the power adapter cord tests fine with multi meter, almost always replacing the DC Jack or the DC Jack Power Board has repaired the no battery charging problem.


Dell Inspiron 1525 DC Jack Power Board

The fault appears to be in the center pin hole of the dc jack, OR fault in the dc jack charging board in laptop.

This Dell Inspiron 1525 has a small separate dc jack power board. Photo On Right >>>>

For approximately $10-$15 part cost, other than dis-assembly & reassembly of the laptop, the part can be replaced very easily. The DC Jack board locks into a mainboard connecter and 2 screws lock it down in place from any movement.

No desoldering or soldering needed when replacing this dc jack board. The cost dc jack itself is $5, the entire dc jack & charging board is just a few more dollars. Instead of taking the additional time & to desolder and solder a new jack on and possibly still have the charging problem (meaning the problem is in the charging board), it’s simpler to replace the entire dc jack charging board in this model. Most laptops are not like this type power setup inside.

As you see in photo this DC Power Jack board also has 2 USB ports that are part of the board itself.

The 2 silver posts to the right are the 2 screw down anchor points.

Small white connector between the 2 silver posts is the main board connector.

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As stated above the jack appeared normal from the inside, tested fine, receiving the correct 19.5 volts of power to the motherboard. I re-soldered all the dc jack pins thinking one of the pins might been making poor contact with the motherboard. Same problem, cord powers up laptop, battery not charging. I’m not positive on this, but I believe that center pin on the Dell 1525 / 1526 model, AND the small center hole on dc jack handles the power to the battery charging circuit.

I happened to have another Dell 1525 here for repair, this customers power cord on the “no battery charge” laptop WAS charging battery on the other Dell 1525 that was here. So I knew it was not the center pin on this particular power cord causing the no battery charge problem. And this battery was charging on the other Dell 1525 laptop that was here. THIS narrowed it down to a dc jack problem or motherboard circuit problem.

Most dc jacks on laptops are soldered directly to the laptops motherboard, desoldering and soldering of a new dc jack on these types can be difficult and more time. The Dell Inspiron 1525 & 1526 models both have a removable easily replaced DC jack Power Board inside of the laptop.
Another area to consider is the age of the battery. Just like any rechargeable battery, age decreases run time on the battery, and after so long battery will not charge, defective old battery. In this case the battery was fairly new, tested and charged in another laptop.
Component cost approx $10-$15

Dell Inspiron 1525 DC Jack Part#

Dell Inspiron 1525 DC Jack Part#

Part# 48.4W006.021

Dell 1525 /1526 Models

Physically check your old part# inside of your laptop out

This dc jack board screws down into base of laptop, motherboard then rest down onto, and connects into male socket of dc jack board and secures to motherboard by 2 screws… locking the dc jack charging board into place.

Other than the complete “teardown” and re-assembly of the laptop, replacing this part is very cheap, easy and no soldering involved.

I have had at least several Dell Inspirons 1525 or 1526 models in with the no charging problem. All were repaired by replacing this dc jack usb charging board.

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4 thoughts on “Dell Inspiron 1525 / 1526 Plugged In Not Charging – Solved!

  1. Mark of Genuine Batteries May 9, 2012 at 3:43 am Reply

    Nice posted article, it really helps the laptop owner to maintain the good functioning of their laptops. keep on posting, thank you.

    • augustapcrepair May 21, 2012 at 2:33 am Reply

      Main thing is, people do not realize that laptop fan (usually one in most laptops, some gaming laptops have 2) becomes clogged up inside. Fan is pushing air thru that inside heatsink grill, this is where dust, hair etc accumulate and blocks the hot air exhaust off,, and out of laptop. You can not see it from outside of laptop. You might hear it when fan starts to grind, and make noises.

  2. skhan May 24, 2013 at 3:51 pm Reply

    hy gys i have the problum with my liptop battry i change it but its not charging and not showing the light for charging when i put old betrrey its show charging on new battrey its not showing help me

    • augustapcrepair May 24, 2013 at 4:05 pm Reply

      If you are saying you changed to a new battery and it is not charging, but your old battery is….. make sure new battery is “seated” in good, push down on it. If old battery is charging, and new battery is not it might not be making a good connection to new battery inside battery compartment,,, maybe. New battery can be defective also possibly, don’t know.

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