MozyHome Remote On Line Backup

In need of an easy, fool proof, safe way to keep your computers data backed up on a regular automatic daily schedule? MozyHome Remote Backup is the one to try!

$5.99 per month from MozyHome. Thats the cost of a lunch basically!

Install MozyHome’s Software and that is about it. Mozy’s software will check and back up assigned folders, documents, photos, music and videos automatically on a daily schedule. Data can be easily recovered at any time, through Mozy’s website or via there installed software.

Your files are protected with military-grade encryption—the same security online banks use during data transfer.

MozyHome’s $5.99 monthly plan gives you 50 gigabytes of on line backup storage.


MozyHome Remote Backup

Mozy also has a FREE 2 Gigabyte account to try out at no cost! Give it a try, no cost no credit card needed!

I use MozyHome myself on 2 of my computers, no worries about data stored on any of the 2 computers now. Backup external drives can and do fail, with MozyHome taking care of backups now “offsite”, no worries anymore. Can recover, download files from your account through MozyHome at any time or place!

IDrive – FREE 5GB Backup Account – Protect your digital life with IDrive online backup.

MozyHome Remote On Line Backup


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