Gateway M-1617 Series Laptop Overheating, Fix & Solution

Gateway M-1617 Overheating

Gateway M Series 1617 Overheating

To get to the fan & heatsink is easy on this laptop. Remove one panel off back, and you now have easy access to cooling fan & heatsink components on this laptop. Unlike most laptops you have to “tear down” completely.
I cleaned the fan, removed the fan housing and clean the heatsink exhaust vent from dust buildup, cleaned the CPU and applied fresh Arctic Cooling MX2 thermal compound.
After new hard drive install, and Windows 7 operating system. The Gateway still booted up operating at 75-80 celsius, and it continued to idle at that temperature for an hour. Still way to hot for idle temp! Keep in mind the fan was cleaned, AND the fan was running high speed, and loud.  Flip the laptop over and took another good look at that access panel.
The only cool air  intake sits to the far left on this panel, about 2″ away from fan. This intake was covered with mesh material acting as a filter, but also restricts air flow. What little air was pulling through this intake passed over the memory, passed over the hot video graphics chip.

By the time what little restricted cool outside air gets through and over these components I figured the air is probably hot by the time it reaches the fan and main cooling heatsink for the laptop.

First off, this is a guide and by no means does Lightspeeds Computer Repair take any responsibility in the dis-assembly of your equipment by this guide & photos, and you damaging the equipment. Dis-assemble, re-assemble at your own risk.

Gateway M-1617 mOverheating Fix

Backing & Mesh Filter Cut Out

So I cut into the aluminum backing on the inside of this panel and ripped out that mesh filter.

I also drilled out 3 holes directly over the fan. You can drill out a few more if you want.

Cleaned heatsink / fan exhaust from inside, and applied Arctic Cooling MX2 Thermal Compound.

Keep in mind drilling out a few more vent holes will cool your laptop down, BUT will also allow more dust / hair into the laptop to block the fan exhaust to.
Personally, I rather have the laptop running cooler, for I can keep the fan cleaned out periodically. The fan is easy to get to on this laptop, so it is not a problem. If your laptop is still under any type of warranty, this will void that warranty most likely.

Keeping a can of compressed air around, and periodically blowing out exhaust vent from outside of laptop will help that also.

Most laptops do have the intake vent directly over the fan. This Gateway M-1617 does not, why… I have no idea why the designed it this way other than to fail due overheating.

Well, put cover panel back on and booted up:

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Laptop booted up running 55 celsius, and settled down to 35-42 celsius. That is a 35-40 degree DROP in temperature. Cool air is now pulling directly into fan and cooling the heatsink, exhausts out of the laptop and cools the cpu & video chip down in the process. The way it suppose to be designed to.


  • Open and clean fan and heatsink exhaust.
  • Open the fan cover to get to the inside exhaust grill, for that is where dust build up will block off.
  • Clean old thermal compound off cpu
  • Apply thin spread of Arctic Cooling MX2 thermal compound on CPU
  • Cut out and remove mesh filter on this access panel
  • Drill out few holes in back fan cover / lid directly over fan
  • Keep fan exhaust blown out with can of compress air periodically



Gateway Rear Panel

New hard drive installed, during a major Windows 7 Service pack update, max temp is 64 celsius. 100& CPU usage, “full load”

A constant 70+ celsius in laptops is dnager overheat range, 80+ celsius is TO HOT and overheating.

Remember, this Gateway M-1617 was idling (not under any load) at 75-80 celsius.

Have no idea what load temperature was prior to this fix, hard drive was dead, probably due to excessive heat in this laptop. The high temperatures were discovered and overheat repaired AFTER installing new hard drive.

Most overheat problems in laptops are caused by a blocked internal heatsink exhaust fan (dust, lint hair accumulation), poor manufactures thermal compound that breaks down over time. What added to the heat problem in this M-1617 Gateway laptop was no cool air intake vent near the fan.

Gateway M-1617 Cooling Mod

Gateway M Series 1617 Temps After Repair

AMD Turion Chips run hot as it is, so keeping these cooled down will prolong the life of your hard drive and laptop in general!

Some of these Gateway M Series DO have a cut out cool air intake vented grill below the fan, this particular model did not. It was solid, no vent what so ever.

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Gateway M Series Laptop Overheating


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7 thoughts on “Gateway M-1617 Series Laptop Overheating, Fix & Solution

  1. admin July 12, 2011 at 8:15 pm

    Dude ur a lifesaver. I have a m1634 and was about ready to thrash it. Constantly shutting down.

    • John A July 13, 2011 at 2:39 am

      No problem, thanks for the comment!

  2. Bill August 1, 2011 at 5:56 pm

    I also have a m1634 and mine is constantly shutting down even when on the power saver setting. Im gonna try something this this right away. this looks like a logical fix!!!

    • augustapcrepair August 2, 2011 at 4:45 pm

      Your welcome! Fan is easy to get at with this model. Clean the fan exhaust out from inside, clean off old thermal compound, apply fresh quality thermal compound to cpu, drilled out a few holes over fan lid cover, and pull that mesh backing off as above. Allows more outside case temp air to get in via fan, and blow thru-exhuast out the heatsink, cooling laptop better.

  3. Gerald Cornell September 15, 2011 at 6:38 pm

    I have a question. I have a MX6000 series gateway. The fan quit working and I got a message stating the fact before the computer shut down. I purchased a new fan/heatsink. Now, when I power up the laptop the fan runs, however, the computer shuts itself down after 5 to 7 seconds. Any thoughts?

    • augustapcrepair September 15, 2011 at 7:51 pm

      Check and reseat the memory modules. Make sure the fan connecter is plugged in firmly. Strip it back down to motherboard, see if any difference (no HD, No cdrom, no display etc) If laptop is still apart, pop the cmos coin battery out for 15 minutes to try and reset the motherboard. Other than that motherboard might be gone, damaged.

  4. Ryan Espinoza January 15, 2012 at 8:22 pm

    Wow! My laptop (same exact model) shut down on me three days ago. I presume from overheating because that computer blows hot air! Failed to start for more than 10-20 seconds before shutting down (hard shutdown I think).

    Was not sure if it were a Microsoft update series that caused the issue. Was able to do a system restore and used computer in a colder room. It lasted about 4 minutes.

    I used your steps almost exactly (I did cut holes nervously), and figured I could not make the computer any worse. The computer has been running for about 20 to 30 minutes without it shutting off on me (I can now tell the computer when to shutdown!).

    This advice saved me a bunch of money and the computer feels a lot cooler, almost blowing just warm air out of the vent. I want to download the CPU temp program you mentioned to verify the temp, but it definitely feels cooler!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!



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