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Laptop DC Jack Repair

Gateway MS2274 DC Jack Repair

Featuring Laptop DC Power Jack Repair this month at $79!

  • Does your laptop power cord feel very loose when plugged into laptop?
  • Intermittent battery charge/power cord indicator?
  • Laptop battery only charge when you hold or move power cord in a certain position?

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These are some of the common symptoms of a broken, partially loose power connector on the inside of your laptop. Once the power connection breaks connection completely your laptop will be “dead in the water”, out of action once the battery runs out.
This is the time to get your laptop checked and repaired! Operating the laptop with these problems can, and will eventually power surge, spike, or damage the motherboards electronic circuitry. Motherboard failure is a MUCH MORE costly repair.

98% of the time, the laptops DC Power Jack alone, can be fully repaired, along with power back to your laptop.
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