Acer Aspire 6930 Screen Lines, Screen Flicker – Fixed Solved!

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Like Us On Facebook!This Acer Aspire 6930 laptop with a very bad screen flicker & rolling lines came to me for repair few weeks ago. Screen had a bad static, horizontal rolling screen lines, and flickering going on. These “static” lines did not look like the usual lcd type of problem. I mean it was like an older TV, with the vertical hold out,, rolling down the screen flickering all the way down.

External monitor, display was fine, no problems at all.

With the LCD screen open, apart, bezel off etc there was no Acer Aspire 6930gscreen problem. I moved the screen, tapped the screen, twisted the screen, pulled the lcd cable, pressed the LCD cable…. nothing still good. Inspected the LCD cable real good. I watched it like this for a full day.

I ordered a new LCD cable for it anyway, installed, turned on for a few hours, still good display,,, all fixed, put back together. Powered on with it all together,  good to go, customer picked up. All Done.
Customer called me back few days later, said he had lines again on the screen.

He dropped the Acer Aspire 6930 back off to me, turned it on while he was still here and there was the screen lines again. I since did some googling, and found many with this same problem on this model. Even a few videos on youtube. All these folks had no answer or fix for it, some even sent back to Acer with the same problem after returning.

Well I took the laptops screen assembly back apart, and left it on for 2 days, no lines. Checked the cable, re-seated the cable.. did everyhting to try to get this screen to distort or “line” up……………… nothing!

Began to put the Acer Aspire 6930 laptop screen & display back together, piece by piece, screw by screw… stopping watching the screen for a while after every piece put back, and nothing, good display. Had all back together except for the plastic screen bezel. I laid the screen bezel back in place, did not snap or screw it down just yet,, and when I did, faint small static lines began flickering up! “What the hell,,,, this is plastic what could be causing the line flickering now???” And look what I found on the plastic bezel……..
First off, this is a guide and by no means does Lightspeeds Computer Repair take any responsibility in the dis-assembly of your equipment by this guide & photos, and you damaging the equipment. Dis-assemble, re-assemble at your own risk.

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The Cause & Solution:

Acer 6930 Screen Bezel

Acer 6930 Screen Bezel

A strip of aluminum tape the length of the power inverter I discovered on the inside of the plastic screen bezel, that rests right on top of the power inverter to the screen, when the bezel is screwed back down on the LCD! Why Acer put an aluminum piece of tape over the power inverter I don’t know. Would seem such a high powered LCD inverter, and a strip of aluminum tape on top of this inverter would produce some type of problem, short or interference.

Acer 6930 Screen Bezel

Acer 6930 Screen Bezel

Pulled this aluminum tape off the inside of the bezel, mounted bezel back in place and it’s been on now for 16 months with NO lines and a good display! Have moved, closed, open, twisted the screen, press on the back of LCD, turned laptop over on it’s back and NO screen lines.

Stress tested the laptop to produce some heat,, NO screen problem.

The 2 photos to the upper right show the Acer 6930 backside of the LCD Bezel with the aluminum tape.

When the lcd plastic screen bezel is snapped back down onto screen, this aluminum tape sits right on top of, and makes contact with the LCD screens power inverter. If you have this tape remove it. The photo of the Acer Aspire 6930 at the beginning of this article, this aluminum tape sits right behind the “Acer Logo” on lower plastic bottom of screen “bezel”.
Any work on the Acer Aspire 63930 display, involves much more work than what is actually shown here. Keyboard, Power Cover board, and part of the palmrest/touchpad assembly must be removed in order to remove display completely from laptop base. All screws in battery compartment, and screws in surrounding area need to be removed. Display hinge screws, video cable and wifi cables removed from base frame or motherboard. Display panel removed. There are 10 screws (covered with black rubber plugs) around the screen bezel that must be removed in order to remove the bezel. 4 screws are hidden near bottom of screen bezel,,, as to why the display needs to completely removed to get access to these screws.
Acer Aspire 6930_a Acer 6930_t
HP G60 Overheating

Acer Aspire 6930 Power Inverter

Acer 6930 Power Inverter

LCD Power Inverter Strip >>>>>>

When screen bezel is mounted / installed the aluminum tape (last photo) makes contact / interference with this lcd power inverter.

I can only guess that when laptop is new, the Acer screen bezel plastic is maybe stiff, and this aluminum tape does not make any contact, or sits slightly raised off the inverter. Then overtime, heat maybe loosens or softens the plastic, bringing that aluminum tape closer to the inverter.
The aluminum tape sits right in the center, lower screen bezel plastic, right behind the “ACER” logo.

Press, and run your finger across center “ACER” logo on the outside of screen bezel area,, chances are your screen lines, flickering might get worse.

If it does, remove screen bezel and check for this aluminum tape, and remove it.
See if it corrects your problem, if not your lcd cable is bad, loose or most likely a bad LCD screen.


When screen bezel is removed, DO NOT touch or press directly on the center area of the power inverter, it packs alot of voltage and will knock you across the room. Even with battery and no power cord in laptop.

Acer 6930 Display

Acer 6930 Display

The Acer 6930 Screen Bezel >>>>>

Also before dis-assembly, check the display with an external monitor connected.
This will rule out a possible graphics hardware problem to. Chances are the display on an external monitor will be perfect. There is some work or dis-assembly involved in removing the LCD screen bezel on this Acer Aspire 6930. The entire screen display must be removed from laptop, or partially off it’s base hinges. Keyboard, upper power board, wireless antenna’s removed. And about 10 screws around the screen bezel.

My only guess is to why Acer installed this aluminum tape over the lcd Laptop Overheatingpower inverter, maybe a heat shield protection, don’t know. The power inverter supplies power to the lcd screen. This power inverter is cover by plastic, but it appears direct contact with the aluminum tape somehow begins to cause some type of interference or shorting the power to the screen. Before removing this aluminum tape, I applied light pressure with my finger on the “Acer Logo” (the tape & inverter location) and the lines became worse. So I then knew the aluminum tape was the cause and had to be removed.

On the first repair attempt, after sending back to customer that first time. (First few paragraphs at top) The lcd screen bezel was the last piece to go back on. Turned laptop off, called customer, “it’s all fixed up”… did not watch or keep laptop on long enough after installing the last “troubled” piece – the screen bezel. After laptop was returned few days later, that is when I spent more time, dis-assembling the screen display piece by piece watching and trying to figure out what the cause was. And on the re-assembly the last piece to go back on was the screen bezel, and I watched within 5 minutes faint lines began showing up. Thought maybe the bezel was screwed back down to tight, then spotted the aluminum tape on the inside.
I received another Acer Aspire model, this was a 7000 series but looked identical to this Acer 6930 model. It was in for dc power jack repair, but I decided to pop off screen bezel to see if this Acer 7000 series had the aluminum tape, which it did have. He did not mention any screen problem, I removed the tape on this model to prevent any possible problems with his laptop in the future.

I have serviced, repaired and replaced MANY laptop lcd screens,, I have NEVER seen the type static lines, rolling lines and distortion like on this Acer 6930 screen EVER before. At times these flickering lines were rolling downwards on this screen, looked like and old black & white TV with it’s horizontal hold out of adjustment. I have also NEVER seen this aluminum tape on the screen bezel on any other laptop to. I now watch and check this whenever I am servicing the lcd screen now on every laptop. And checking Google seems to MANY Acer Aspire 6930 owners with the very same problem. This article post here receives 50+ searches and views here alone each day.

Same Symptoms Could Also Be:

  • Bad LCD Screen
  • Damage/Faulty or Broken LCD Cable
  • Loose Video Cable connection either between cable and motherboard connection OR cable and LCD connection
  • Overheated / Damaged Video Graphics Hardware On Motherboard
  • Combination of any of the above

These areas mentioned above were all checked, tested, another component(s) swapped in etc – confirmed good. Horizontal or Vertical lines on a laptop screen usually mean a bad LCD panel, in this Acer the LCD panel was fine, the aluminum tape found on inside of LCD screen bezel was causing the lines and distortion.

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Acer Aspire 6930 Screen Lines


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136 thoughts on “Acer Aspire 6930 Screen Lines, Screen Flicker – Fixed Solved!

  1. wilf June 11, 2014 at 8:54 am Reply

    Fantastic, foil removed and the screen is working fine. I was just about to start looking for a new laptop and thought I would have one more try at finding the problem. Can’t thank you enough. Just off to add the left over screws to my man draw……..always with the screws left over….thanks again

  2. B.Murf January 30, 2015 at 5:02 am Reply

    you are a saint, my girlfriends notebook was gathering dust because of the same screen issue, even after getting it fixed under warranty, (it was playing up again 1 month later) so i took a deep breath and did my first ever laptop disassembly, and fixed the problem, thanks so much for this info,

  3. Cosimo Anichini November 23, 2015 at 10:02 am Reply

    I did the same and now it’s working perfectly. Thanks!!

  4. Abhishek dave July 9, 2017 at 7:25 am Reply

    my Acer travelmate2310 has a problem of horizontal lines constant.when pressing cable of screen and when loose there were no display only blank light .If we see by torch we can see the horizontal line on screen.The display is good when connect with the external monitor.So please help me to fix this problem

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