How To Use SpywareBlaster 4.3

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SpywareBlaster is the great tool used to prevent spyware, adware, browser hijackers, dialers or other unwanted software from installing and infecting your computer. SpywareBlaster is not a scanning or removal tool,,, I call it a system immunizing tool, which helps block unwanted software at your internet browser level from installing on your computer. Paid version updates and protects a automatically, the FREE version updates and protection MUST be applied manually. This “How To: is for the free version of SpywareBlaster.

Spywareblaster Overview Link

I intend to keep this tutorial as non-technical as possible.

Download and install SpywareBlaster, simple, just follow the install prompts. Once installed, open SpywareBlaster:

1. Go to the “Protection Status” tab (top upper left) and go thru Internet Explorer, Restricted Sites and Firefox setting and make sure all check off (highlight in red)

2. Once again, make sure all is checked off… “Restrict Sites”

3. Once you have checked the “Protection” area tab,,, now time to check program for updates:

– Click on the “Update” tab (bottom left, highlighted in red)

4. You see the “Check For Updates” button? Click on it,, and let it check and download any updates.

5. If the program found and installed new updates, it will show you how many unprotected items since the last update was performed.

In this example below, there are 44 unprotected, NEW itens in this update since the last known update was performed and downloaded.

VERY IMPORTANT,, after checking and downloading the update IF you see “Enable All Protection For Unprotected Items” ,,, click on it, to enable protection! If you don’t check the next step…….

6. VERY IMPORTANT with the FREE version of SpywareBlaster,, after checking and downloading any updates, YOU MUST “Enable” (or re-enable protection after each update). Just downloading the update does not protect you at all.

Go to the “Protection” tab once again, and click on “Enable All Protection” (see red arrow)

7. After checking, and downloading any updates for  SpywareBlaster, AND “Enabling ALL Protection” this is the final screen.

With the FREE version of SpywareBlaster,, you must periodically open the program, manually check SpywareBlaster for updates, and MOST IMPORTANT with the FREE version………………. “Enable Protection” after each or any update.

How often should you check SpywareBlaster for updates – at least once per week to help protect your computer.

This is a very simple process, once you do this a few times, you can have SpywareBlaster opened, updated and protection enables within 2 minutes. Very quick.

Once again just downloading the updates will not protect you,, with the free version. You must manually re-enable protection after each or any update.

SpywareBlaster Download Link

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  2. Clif Sipe October 11, 2010 at 6:24 pm

    Great tutorial. I recently wrote to recommend SB, but you’ve gone the extra mile.

    The markups would look more professional if you used something like Fastone Capture (last freeware version).

    Maybe the markup is exactly as you intended. In that case, carry on …

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