An Easy Way to Find Out About Your Computer

As time moves forward computers tend to become increasingly complicated. Furthermore, the operating systems that run on them (generally some variant of Microsoft Windows) tend to become increasingly feature rich. Now, additional features can be advantageous. They may allow you to perform formerly impossible tasks or they may allow you to perform a particular job in a much simpler way. Unfortunately, with more features, an operating system can become clogged with information, making it difficult to find the “simple” things.

A perfect example of this is how difficult it can be to find out basic information about your PC’s hardware. Where do you go to find out the amount of memory your computer has? How can you find out the graphics card that your PC is currently using? Where are details about your computer’s CPU found? Unfortunately, this information is scattered throughout your operating system making it a somewhat frustrating process to find. If only there was a centralized location where all of this data could be obtained!

Luckily there are two free programs, CPU-Z and PC Wizard 2010, which provide this ability. CPU-Z is a simple application which lists your computer’s hardware statistics under several different tabs. Using it you can find out about your CPU, caches, motherboard, RAM, and graphics card. PC Wizard 2010 is like CPU-Z’s big brother. It allows you to find out a whole host of hardware related facts. Additionally, it provides a variety of software related information such as the version of Windows you are running and even the number of Internet Browsers you have installed. Finally, PC Wizard 2010 allows you to run benchmark tests on a variety of components.

We realize that most basic computer users have no need to know their CPU’s manufacturer or the number of processors inside their PC. Despite saying this, it is nice to know where to turn when you need to find out more basic information such as the size of your hard drive or the amount of memory within your computer quickly and easily.

Hopefully you have found this information useful. If you have any questions pertaining to what has been talked about come and visit us as Computer Repair Vancouver where we focus on providing friendly advice on a variety of computer related topics.

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    This is a really great website. The layout and design is very easy to navigate and the info is superb. Keep up the good work!!!!

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