Sony Vaio VGN CS110E Base Dis-Assembly

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1. To remove the bottom case

2. Open the LCD all the way. Remove the two LCD hinge covers by using a small flat-head screwdriver and pulling them up gently. They are secured on the rear of the plastic so pull forward on them when loosening.

3. Flip the Sony Vaio over and remove the screw for the CD-ROM. Grab the CD-ROM bezel faceplate and remove the CD-ROM, by pulling straight out.

4. Remove the two screws for the HDD cover, then the dark screw on the end and pull the drive out. Remove the silver screw in HD compartment also.

5. Remove the battery.

6. Remove the all the screws in the battery compartment.

7. Now, remove all the remaining screws around the bottom base and edges and the few in the middle. You do not need to remove the memory compartment screw. YOU CAN KEEP THE SCREWS IN THE HOLES SO THAT YOU DON’T LOOSE THEM.

7. The screws should all be loose, before removing the cover. And note there is a wire going from the LED lights to the board near front of case as you slowly pull the bottom base up. Push the laptop back away from you, pull the front bottom base up and off slowly and look for that wire. Disconnect this wire from the board. Grab it from the base of the plug, and not the wires.

8. Set the casing in a safe place and be careful not to loose the screws.

The fan on this model seems to be a problem, loud, restrictive and does not cool the laptop correctly. Dis-assembly of the fan, and using some 3 & 1 oil will fixed it right up.

Remove the heatsink assembly, then remove the 4 black very small screws around the fan area base, where it meets the copper heatsink. Look for some black tape that is fasten to the fan on one of the grill areas, pull off and set aside. Then separate the black fan casing from the heatsink. Once the fan is separated from the heatsink,, grab the fan blades and pull straight up (this is only attached by magnets around the motor,, so the fan blade assembly will pull right off. Once off look at the center “spindle” or where the fan shaft sat into the motor itself. Get some 3 & 1 Oil and drop a few drops down this shaft hole, and a drop on the blade shaft to.

Assemble the fan in reverse order, put a fresh coat of Artic Silver on the CPU, and re-attached the heatsink, plug in the fan.

Re-assemble the laptop in reverse order. Remember to connect that cable near the front when putting base back on.

In my case here, I had this model for service recently. Client stated laptop kept shutting down, all hardware tests passed. It did shut down during one of the hardware tests. And the fan was very loud, sounded very “rough”,,, just did not sound right at all. When i got to the fan, there was no dust nothing blocking the fan at all,, but the fan would not spin freely at all. This cleanup, and re-oiling did the trick,, permanent,, not sure. The fan felt so restricted prior to oiling, I don’t think it was able to spin at low speeds at all. It now spins freely again! And laptop temps have dropped big time!

Seems to be some type of defect on Sonys end here, on this models fan assembly.
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5 thoughts on “Sony Vaio VGN CS110E Base Dis-Assembly

  1. derek April 29, 2010 at 7:42 pm Reply

    Great walk-through. I was looking on how to change the fan in this model since my cousins was making a loud rackety noise. Helped me out a lot in repairing the Vaio I was dealing with.

  2. augustapcrepair April 29, 2010 at 9:02 pm Reply

    yes,,, didn’t take any pictures when dis-assembling. once i “fiddled” around and got the back off, it was very simple.

    Laptop prior to oiling the fan was idling at 68-72c… “idle that is. after oiling, and Artic Silver was idling at 58c.

    that fan was definetely the problem. i could not even spin the fan by hand thru a complete rotation, once oiled it rotated like the “wheel of fortune” show.. like it should. I really don’t think that fan was rotating at low speeds at all, and the only LOUD noise was when the should of been “revvving” up.

  3. Amanda February 22, 2011 at 4:18 pm Reply

    I was wondering if you had a detailed explanation such as this one, to replace the DC port on the computer? We’re afraid of tampering with it but we don’t have the money to take it to someone. 😦 So if you could help us out, I’d greatly appreciate it!

  4. Michael B March 29, 2011 at 5:00 pm Reply

    This was just the information I was looking for. I put in the Sony model and this just happened to be in the results. My problem is the fan also. The instuctions to R/R the back are just what I needed. Oil may work, but I’m going to put a new one in since I have it open. Thanks for your help.

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