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  1. bryan keller April 20, 2010 at 7:59 pm

    Equipment Failure List

    Often a system which will not power-up may have inadvertently come to be unplugged or possibly a cable could have become loose. The following list is intended to eliminate a power connection or disconnected cable as the cause for a system not powering up.

    1.Verify to be sure that all power switches are in the on position. Verify the back of the computer system case. Many times there will be an electric button on the rear of the computer near the spot where the power cable connects to the computer. Make sure that it is in the correct position.

    2.Verify that the voltage switch is set accurately. In the U.S. it ought to be set to 110v/115v. You will discover the voltage button positioned on the power supply, which is generally located on the rear of the computer also close to the power cord.

    3.Make sure that the power cord to the personal computer is plugged securely into the rear of the computer system.

    4.For laptops be sure that the transformer is actually plugged into the notebook securely.

    5.Trace the electrical power cord from your computer back to the receptacle in the power strip or wall and ensure that the receptacle is actually ‘hot’. You can test this by taking a identified working appliance such as a lamp fixture and testing the actual receptacle that the personal computer is plugged into make sure that it really is working.

    6.In case you see a power light or other L.E.D.’s on the computer case lighting up though the monitor is not showing a display then you could possibly not have electrical power to the monitor or the video cable may have become disconnected. Ensure that the electrical power cable to the monitor is firmly plugged into the rear of the monitor. Trace the electrical power cable from the monitor back to the receptacle and ensure that it is attached to a live wall plug.

    7.Confirm that the monitor video cable is definitely secured to the rear of the monitor and that the opposite end is firmly attached to the video port on the pc.

    8.Still no luck? Try unplugging and re-plugging all cables. Remove all cables coming from computer including power, monitor, mouse, computer keyboard, printer, network, and any other connected devices. Make sure that you know where the cables go back again! If not, label them.

    9.Now re-plug every one of the cords and also cables and attempt powering up again.

  2. Computer Repair Center July 9, 2010 at 9:17 am

    This Is great post provide useful tips on computer repair and i will share this post with everyone i know

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