Some People Just Do Not Learn……………

Just cannot understand why almost every computer I service has these file sharing programs STILL on there computer. Limewire, Bearshare, Shareaza, BitTorrent. Ares, Kazaa, Morpheous, Emule just to name a few,, with Limewire being the most popular.

Limewire downloads and all the others, are infested with computer viruses and spyware. It’s a virus hell! Other than getting your computer taken down with viruses every month or day,,, it can be very costly if your hit with a copy write lawsuit with Sony or the other “Big Dogs”!

Why people have to fill there computer with music is beyond me. Music is the #1 download, #1 search term. Why do you think these file sharing downloads are loaded with viruses in the first place? To easily and quickly spread these viruses,, do you think???

Just because you might have, or what you think is a active LEGIT Anti Virus/Anti Spyware program protecting you that you are free & clear, or immune to this crap…………… got news for you, you are not! And most run these computers till they stop completely, and then it’s to late. Guess what all your music and your family photos are now gone, lost because your hard drive has crapped out now. And to recover them could cost $200-$1000+++.

I tell these customers every time, every month after I finish removing infections, after I charge them about “safe internet surfing”. And they still have Limewire on there computer, with recent downloads! .99 to download music legally, and possibly much safer is much cheaper than having you computer repaired each month.

This is just my opinion,, do what you continue to do, it’s alright by me!

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