P55 Motherboard Round-up: Asus, EVGA, GB, Intel, MSI – HotHardware

“Some might say that there has never been a better time to be a PC enthusiast. Compelling new products fighting for our attention abound, as the computer hardware scene is bursting at the seams with upgrade options. For example, it wasn’t long ago that AMD launched the world’s first DX11 videocard and now the company features a full lineup of products at a wide variety of price points. NVIDIA’s answer to the Radeon HD 5000 series has just arrived as well, and the battle for dominance in the graphics market is as fierce as ever. SSDs are also becoming increasingly more affordable, while the release of SATA 6Gbps opens the door to a new generation of faster drives. Equally important, huge 1TB hard drives can be purchased for less than $100, allowing us to backup and store copious amounts of data without breaking the bank…………………….”

via P55 Motherboard Round-up: Asus, EVGA, GB, Intel, MSI – HotHardware.

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