Who Invented The Computer?

The real answer is that many inventors contributed to the history of computers and that a computer is a complex piece of machinery made up of many parts, each of which can be considered a separate invention.

For those who look on the modern computer as the first computer, they look up to Konrad Zuse, a German engineer who discovered what was known as the Z3 during the Second World War and precisely in 1941, as the inventor of the first computer.

The personal computer (PC), which is also called the microcomputer and was designed for use by one person, was first developed for businesses in the early 1970s. Digital Equipment Corporation made the PDP8 for scientific laboratories. Steve Wozniak (1950– ) and Steve Jobs (1955– ), college dropouts who founded Apple Computer in 1976, are credited with inventing the first computer for home use. Working out of a garage, they spent six months developing the prototype (initial model) for Apple I. It was bought by some 600 hobbyists, who had to know how to wire, program, and set up the machine. Apple II was introduced in 1977 as the first fully assembled, programmable microcomputer. Nevertheless this machine still required customers to use their televisions as screens and to use audio cassettes for data storage. The Apple II sold for just under $1,300.
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